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My intention here is to share some key highlights for those curious minds and sadly impacted by this case. I intend to be discreet and brief despite the fact that the full set of certified court documents in WP 3000/2017 registered as WP 3001/2017 have been secured and reviewed. You may invest Rs 2000 or so + any logistics costs associated to secure the details yourself. I do not intend to share or upload these documents until the arbitration is complete. Please do not ask for more details (kindly).

The primary or root cause of the action by NIXI is clear evidence of breach of contract as specified in 6.1 (see below) via the sale (or facilitation of a sale) of a dot BHARAT extension domain (Yeah this for a freakkin dot Bharat registered by "Raj G", seriously wish it was for a however Karma is a Bytc8) for a higher than regular price (really just a pathetic 10,000 Rupees transaction value and demand for more post sale did this Registrar in. Greed is never good except for Gordon Gekko)

The domain buyer was a large media house with a national daily publication who was not going to take this "blackmailing" (demand for a higher price after the sale once the identity of the buyer was revealed) lying down. With enough evidence of the transaction in contravention of the registry laws he registered a complaint with NIXI in Aug 2017 and hence the termination action by Oct 2017 post a 30 day show cause notice period.

There were other evidence of wrongdoing in vioaltion of the contract between NIXI and the Registrar, submitted as evidence and also specified in the show cause notice a month before the termination to which the registrar failed to respond satisfactorily.

Best Wishes! A special shout out to the well wishers who made this post possible, you know who you are!;)

PS - 6.1 The Registrars will desist, at all times, from involving themselves, or through their re-sellers, in any way in the squatting, grabbing, hoarding, auctioning or selling of the .IN domain names at a higher price than they are regularly charging from the public. Any such involvement of the Registrar will lead to the termination of Accreditation, financial penalty and any other legal action as provided under the laws of India.
It's not really clear from what you say what Mitsu's role was - were they brokering the domain ("facilitation of a sale")?
It's not really clear from what you say what Mitsu's role was - were they brokering the domain ("facilitation of a sale")?

Yes, as 6.1 clearly states "..any involvement.." is illegal and the checks on the identity of "Raj G" by private investigators supposedly reveal it is none other than his son - so yes you could draw more conclusions from that as well.
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can you share the name of the media house involved, a major media house caused problems for women domain investors, allegedly involved in the identity theft racket, theft of retirement savings
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