's fearless Registrant Bullying with Lies and subsequent subjection of Mental Torture


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I wish I never browsed .IN Registry's Accredited Registrars list. I wish I never knew about the existence of I am a student/teacher and this domain, that goes by the name of an educational institution, had been purchased to teach students free of cost. One unintentional mistake has cost me over four months of mental peace and valuable time. intentionally misinterprets the Registrant T&C before the Registrant to intimidate him repeatedly.

Section 1 and Section 2 of this T&C are NOT divorced. They are inseparably intertwined. A Registrant is NOT a violator when he 'unintentionally' enters 'incomplete' contact information, and more so when he replies within 28 minutes in written that "I have no intentions to violate or 'not comply' with any regulations". doesn't understand the difference between 'incomplete' and 'false/fake'. They keep trolling the Registrant by repeating 'FAKE/FALSE' in a bid to scare and scam him even after verifying that he is from the city he has entered. They keep repeating FAKE/FALSE even after confirming the address from the Govt ID proof and matching it with the sign up input.

What does paying for a domain get you?
  1. Pathetic unprofessional behaviour
  2. Harassment
  3. Repeated 500 rupee threats
  4. Wilful non-cooperation
  5. Domain suspension with lies to legal@nixi
  6. Bullying
  7. Personal life threats, jail threats on call
  8. More jail threats upon request for refund
  9. Even more jail threats with fictional cyber crime allegations upon further request for refund
  10. Public defamation from fake ID titled 'GOI-Official' and thus a hell lot of mental torture
  11. No domain or refund
  12. Denial of migration to any different Registrar
support@mitsu first intentionally waited out the 48 hours allotted to me in 'mysterious silence'. Mitsu then undid my address update and reported this fictional violation from legal@mitsu to legal@nixi while 'intentionally' quoting an older reply so that they could force me to pay 500 rupees extra. When I didn't, they started bullying me. All the updates following my Aadhaar submission were 'intentionally' kept away from this mail ID legal@mitsu so that they could suspend my domain the next day while lying to legal@nixi that I never submitted my KYC. Once the suspension was completed, I mailed legal@mitsu all the screenshots of my interactions with Mitsu from the very beginning. But they never replied. Why would they? This was all planned beforehand.

I am confident that the same guy has been mailing me from legal@mitsu, support@mitsu, info@mitsu. The same guy is behind this entire saga of torture. This concludes my review of the excellent registrar

The complete rundown of this bullying is presented here:
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@RajG Hello, sir. You must be the famous MItsu Insider, right? Can you please tell me why Mitsu did all this with me?

Was I wrong in reporting the attempted overcharge to NIXI and NCH when Mitsu Support intentionally waited out the 48 hours? I never told Mitsu support that I failed to do it. I never told Mitsu Support to do it for me. The address updates are hidden from public WHOIS queries so obviously Mitsu had to confirm the change from their end. All they had to reply was a YES or a NO. Why did they stay 'magically silent' for the 48 hours?

Mitsu can't lie that I had not updated the address. I am not an illiterate man. I had updated my address on my Mitsu profile as well as 'Default Tech Contact ID', 'Default Admin Contact Id', 'Default Registrant Contact Id', 'Default Billing Contact Id'. Why were these updates UNDONE??

If legal@mitsu wasn't trying to hide this from legal@nixi, why did they quote a much older reply in their report? Why were all my reply mails incl. my Aadhaar submission reply unquoted from the domain suspension mail to legal@nixi and why this lie was written that 'Customer is not ready to comply with ID proof"???!

Unquoted Reply 1:
Unquoted Reply 2:

Unquoted Reply 3:

Unquoted Reply 4:

Unquoted Reply 5:
Unquoted Reply 6:

Also, what company misbehaves with consumers like this?

Lines from Mitsu Support on call: "You don't know our power. We’ll show you our power. We'll blacklist you from all corporations pan India. We'll wipe you from India's digital presence. We were sparing you thinking you are a child, but you are not a child and we'll show you who we are. We’ll show you our power."

Mail from Mitsu Support: "We don't like customer who attempts to teach us anything. We don't need your advice. We don't want a violator to advice us. We'll now charge you INR 500 Rupees (USD 6.01) for your mistake."

I got jail threats from for posting the screenshots of this bullying online. Why?

Google any company, GoDaddy, Hostinger,, Apple, Google or basically any company. You'll find their mail screenshots posted online. This is normal when something out of the ordinary happens.

What the hell was confidential in those pathetic responses? Mitsu didn't think twice before misbehaving with me, but when I posted that online, they felt defamed? What? Do they know anything about professionalism?
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@RajG Hello again, sir. How's the weather in UK? Hope you are doing great!

Since I stand blocked by, could you ask the 'mighty' Mitsu these questions on my behalf? What I write in this post are completely valid and reasonable given what has done with me. This is not defamatory, in case Mitsu feels 'defamed', my dear sir!

Q1. Why does a Registrant submit his ID Proof before
1) To receive age based discriminatory intimidations by being called 'child'
2) To receive personal life threats
3) To receive jail threats for fictional cyber crimes
4) All of the above

Q2. Why does log the IP Address of its users?
1) To flex its 'power' and intimidate the Registrant using that
2) To send jail threats to the Registrant by calling him a 'cyber criminal'
3) To send jail threats for the 'DDOS Attacks' and 'Cyber Defacement' that the admins saw in his REM Sleep
4) All of the above

By the way sir, in case you are unaware of what REM Sleep means:

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is the stage of sleep where most dreams happen. Its name comes from how your eyes move behind your eyelids while you're dreaming. During REM sleep, your brain activity looks very similar to brain activity while you're awake.
Source -

In case the admin doesn't understand how brains of Homo Sapiens work:
According to the activation-synthesis theory, dreams are nothing more than a collection of random images and thoughts, projected during sleep as a result of normal brain activity. These images don't follow any narrative structure, thanks to the pons, your brain's random dream generator.
Source -

Now, a piece of advice for the POWERFUL has 'A LOT OF POWER' as they clearly communicated in their Sept 6, 2023 call. It's great to know they have so much POWER in their reserve. It's a matter of great pride that an Indian or "Bharatiya" company has so much POWER! But sir, I believe all that POWER is not being channelled properly! Kindly take a note of the following and communicate the same to

For decades, Global warming has been an alarming disaster looming upon mankind. As may already be aware,
there is great demand for green, sustainable and 'Renewable' energy around the world. India or "Bharat" specifically, needs sustainable, eco-friendly-'renewable' resources to meet its ever growing demand of energy. should immediately contact the Power Ministry of Govt Of India to properly utilize their POWER and replace non-renewable energy in this country altogether. The Power Ministry must take note of oozing POWER left and right. They are clearly unable to handle that much surplus power, thus, I had some of that coming my way!

Relevant Resources:
1. Nuclear Fusion:
2. Nuclear Fission:
3. Sustainable Energy:
4. Renewable Energy and Electricity:
5. Green Energy -
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Oh and BTW, here is link to the concerned TechEnclave thread:

And this is the post where, from a fake ID titled 'GOI-Official', had posted that I had written 'BULLSHIT'.

The ID didn't have any profile pic initially. It's laughable how they even attempted to fool the forum members into thinking that they are from the Govt. Of India. The moment somebody said that impersonating a Govt Official is a criminal offense, the ID got updated with a Hebrew word as profile pic and... The fake ID posted, "The members of TechEnclave forum are idiots and dreamers for not knowing what GOI means in Hebrew."

And they are delusional enough to think that they are envied by anybody. In the final week of December 2023, for the very first time, they started calling me a 'paid propagandist' who has 'magically' been compensated by their competitors. always confuses REM Sleep with reality. Crazy how they write that they have 'sufficient proof' of me being a paid propagandist!

Until Decemeber 28, 2023 November 02, 2023, I didn't know that Mitsu has a nodal officer appointed for escalations. And I got to know was reminded of that thanks to their TechEnclave post from the fake ID 'GOI-Official'! That's crazy! (Edit: They had mentioned Nodal Officer on their November 2, 2023 mail but that's irrelevant. In that mail, they threaten me that I should've waited for their nodal officer instead of posting online. It was not a suggestion but an intimidation.) That mail had been sent after 2 months of the actual incident, and that too to intimidate me with threats that I shouldn't have posted anything online. They didn't bring up their nodal officer topic for any solution. It was not for any solution, rather for furthur intimidation. I will NOT contact whoever that officer is, either now or in the future. There is no escalation for a planned scam.

The moment Mitsu Legal, well aware that my update had been undone, intentionally ignored all my mails, and later wrote that "YOU NEED TO PAY THE PRICE FOR nOnCoMpLiAnCe and DISREPUTING US ON THE FORUM", they threw any potential for escalation out of the window. This was in September, 2023. And they have sufficiently tortured me throughout the remainder of 2023.


Here is fake GOI's first post without any profile pic. So mitsu posted there from a fake ID while writing that Mitsu never arrived on the forum. Great! You can see how they try their best to 'dictate' when a consumer can post a review on them. Nah man, if you misbehave, I'll mention that in my review. You can't bully me with lies and threats for doing that.

fake GOI ID.png
fake GOI first post.png
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Happy Republic Day to all the Indians here. Now, coming to

This company should be ashamed of itself. No, seriously, everybody involved in this bullying are pathetic excuse of human beings. They are well aware of the intention behind the purchase of this domain yet from the get go they have been misbehaving and scaring me by calling me 'Cyber Criminal'. THIS DOMAIN HAD BEEN PURCHASED TO TEACH STUDENTS FREE OF COST. These miserable humans don't know anything about humanity, forget professionalism. They continue to hold my domain hostage. is still not providing me the AUTH CODE to migrate to a different registrar.

It's scary how egoistic these people are. It's 2024 an they are still stuck in that pathetic twisted mentality.

They have done all this as a revenge for me posting their pathetic response online. For the love of god, you're bullying a man at least half your age. What the hell are you gaining from this? What score are you settling with me through this? You are literally preventing me from posting my study material online. You're preventing students, underprivileged or otherwise, from accessing study material free of cost. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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Mitsu can't lie that I had not updated the address. I am not an illiterate man. I had updated my address on my Mitsu profile as well as 'Default Tech Contact ID', 'Default Admin Contact Id', 'Default Registrant Contact Id', 'Default Billing Contact Id'. Why were these updates UNDONE??

If legal@mitsu wasn't trying to hide this from legal@nixi, why did they quote a much older reply in their report? Why were all my reply mails incl. my Aadhaar submission reply unquoted from the domain suspension mail to legal@nixi and why this lie was written that 'Customer is not ready to comply with ID proof"???!

Unquoted Reply 1:
View attachment 951
Unquoted Reply 2:
View attachment 952

Unquoted Reply 3:
View attachment 954
Unquoted Reply 4:

View attachment 953
Unquoted Reply 5:
View attachment 955
Unquoted Reply 6:
View attachment 956
To all the domain Registrants here on the forum, allow me to describe how Mitsu Inc scammed me with reference to the actual regulations. Mitsu Inc purposefully quoted the old email (The one before all six mails you see quoted above) in their domain suspension mail. And the reason behind that is now very very clear to me:

The pathetic scammers over at were well aware that there was no material breach of my domain registration agreement because;

1) I had not entered 000-0000 as my contact number and none of my entered info was random fake stuff. I had not entered some random city's name where I don't live. I had entered the name of my district as well as the name of my block. Both of them happen to be same. That's not wilfully inaccurate. According to Mitsu's own legal agreement, I was supposed to have 10 days of time to respond to Mitsu's very first alert, not 48 hours. Why? My initial input was NOT 'wilfully inaccurate' and I had not entered some random gibberish. Mitsu was supposed to ask me first without suspending my account.

2) The initial incomplete input was neither fake/false nor intentional cuz I literally had written them the same in my very first reply:
This was my very first reply from me to them. What do you see? I write that anything that's missing is not intentional. I ask them why they didn't ask for Govt ID proof during sign up if that's necessary to the extent of suspending accounts/domains without any alert. I never told them that I was not ready to submit my KYC. And immediately after their third class reply to this, I had submitted my KYC as you can see the 'UNQUOTED REPLY 1' just above.

3) After receiving written alert that my input was not 'WIlfully inaccurate', I was supposed to receive seven (7) days of time to update my address, not just 48 hours. According to Mitsu's own legal agreement.

4) I had sent Mitsu SIX goddamn replies inside the 48 hour window for them to confirm that my updates were enough and that I was no longer in any violation.

5) The actual ICANN/ .IN Registry Rule reads this:

If a Registered Name Holder intentionally provides inaccurate or unreliable information, intentionally fails to promptly update the information, or fails to respond over fifteen (15) days to Registrar inquiries about the accuracy of the contact details, the Registered Name Holder will be in material breach of the agreement and the registration may be cancelled.
ii) A Registered Name Holder's willful provision of inaccurate or unreliable information, its willful failure promptly to update information provided to Registrar, or its failure to respond for over fifteen (15) calendar days to inquiries by Registrar concerning the accuracy of contact details associated with the Registered Name Holder's registration shall constitute a material breach of the Registered Name Holder-registrar contract and be a basis for cancellation of the Registered Name registration.
2. Inaccurate Information: A Registrant's willful or grossly negligent provision of inaccurate, false or unreliable information, and in the event the registrant willfully or grossly neglects to promptly update information provided to Registrar shall constitute a material breach of the Registrant's Registration Agreement with the Registrar and be a basis for cancellation of the Registered Name, and any other action under the relevant laws of India.

They didn't reply anything for the 48 hours since they wanted that 500 extra in full privacy cuz I 'argued'. Certain degree is silence is necessary to scam like this. SIlence is necessary to UNDO the Registrant's update and bully him. The scam tactic Mitsu Inc adopted to suspend my domain and put it on 'Client Hold' should now be clear as daylight to all of you.

If there is no 'intentional', 'purposeful', 'wilful', 'gross negligence' involved, there IS NO MATERIAL BREACH. These third class scammers have wasted my five months and I'll report this to every single authority.
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Mitsu Inc, the parent behind and others*, is solely liable for any misuse of my Aadhaar beginning from September 4, 2023. Mitsu Inc is to be held answerable for any misuse of my identity or anything that can be potentially done with my confidential Aadhaar data including harm to personal life or property. This also includes any and/or all possible crimes including financial frauds and impersonation. This liability shall not cease to exist any time under any circumstances.

The above is written in good faith since I was;

i) Abused by Mitsu Inc by being called a "child" to whom they were going to show their "power" (On call)
ii) Subjected to life threats from these scammers 52 hours after they received my full unmasked Aadhaar. (On call)

I had submitted the same before Mitsu Inc in a state of 'shock' after these scammers harassed me with their cheap third class reply coupled with a 500 rupee threat.


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