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General Rules
- No personal attacks.
- No inflammatory, racist, or offensive posts.
- No profanity.
- Be respectful to others.
- We reserve right to modify or delete posts that we view as spam.
- We reserve right to move a post to a more appropriate forum category.
- Only one account per person is allowed.
- Affiliate links are not permitted.
- iTrader is only for feedback on transactions, and not any other kind of feedback.
- Do not reveal a person?s private details or private communications with a person, except with permission from the Administrator.
- No spamming.
- No dishonest conduct.

Posting Rules
- No spamming or blatant self-promotion (self promotion is permitted in Advertising Forum).
- No spamming other members via private PM.
- No links to parked domains, adult sites, warez sites, or illegal sites.
- We reserve the right to remove domains that are listed on the forum that we consider, in our sole discretion, to have no legitimate reason for their registration other than to trade off the goodwill of a third party.

Specific Forum Rules
- Sales Forum: Do not comment on another member's sales thread. Only legitimate questions regarding the sale are permitted.
---The domain(s) being sold must be included in either the title or the body of the post.
---If you state that your domain has traffic, details of the traffic must be provided and screenshots of this must be made available to anyone who requests it.
---If a domain has been blocked at a parking company, you must state this in your post.
---Domains with fake whois information or proxy registration are not permitted.
---If you agree to purchase a domain, you must complete the transaction promptly.
---The .IN Registry does not support the purchase and sale of .IN domains. Posting domains for sale is done at your own risk.
- For Sale / Advertising Forum: A minimum of 25 posts is needed to advertise domain related products and services.
- Adult Domains Forum: Anything to do with adult domains must be listed only in this forum, even if it would normally go in another forum.
- INForum Auction Forum: There is no reserve - please start your auction at the reserve price. Auctions must be held exclusively on INForum. Be sure to state an ending date and time, and state whether there are any anti-sniping rules in place.
- Indian Websites and Start-ups Forum: We only allow *on-topic* website announcements.
- Domain Appraisals: You must own the domain for which you are requesting an appraisal. Domains with fake whois information or proxy registration are not permitted.

Negative Posts
- If a member raises an issue about the .IN Registry's or their agents' (registrars') integrity or makes a direct or indirect attack on another member, then it must be supported by evidence and the member must provide the forum Administrator with their full name and contact details and documents confirming their name and contact details. If a member fails to comply with this rule, their post will be deleted.


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