1. CyberKing

    NIXI - Release domains at de-accredited registrar MITSU!

    Hello IN Domain Owners! I just started the petition "NIXI:Release domains at de-accredited registrar MITSU" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name. Given the inaction over the last year and several conversations with friends in this industry who are frustrated by this...
  2. CyberKing

    Mitsu Accreditation Termination - Arbitration Updates

    CASE - ARB.P.23/2018 NATIONAL INTERNET EXCHANGE OF INDIA Vs. SANJEEV RAMNIWAS GOYAL Advocate : PAVAN DUGGAL for NIXI Court No. : 19 Next Date: 09/05/2018 IA - IA Nos.529/2018, 530/2018 ARE KEY - ORDER REQUIRE ALL DIGITAL RECORDS TO REMAIN AND NO CHANGES "....not to destroy, delete or tamper...
  3. CyberKing

    Mitsu Accreditation Termination - Court Documents Secured

    My intention here is to share some key highlights for those curious minds and sadly impacted by this case. I intend to be discreet and brief despite the fact that the full set of certified court documents in WP 3000/2017 registered as WP 3001/2017 have been secured and reviewed. You may invest...
  4. D

    Domain Investors with expensive domains at

    Are you a .in domain investor with valuable domains at like keyword,, developed domain names? If yes, have you transferred your domains away or are waiting for the court decision on November 20, 2017. If the domains remain in their current status, renew and transfer prohibited...
  5. mukta I can't unlock domains

    Hello, I've tried today to unlock some domains at but the process does not work. Checking the WHOIS seems that all the operations are prohibited: Status: CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED Reason: Status: DELETE PROHIBITED Reason: Status: RENEW PROHIBITED Reason: Status: TRANSFER PROHIBITED...
  6. R

    .Bharat Domain Names @Rs.21/- Only

    All .IN and .Co.IN or any other extension of .IN domain name holders with Mitsu can get .BHARAT domain name at Rs.21/= only . if you have 100 .IN names register with us then upto 100 .Bharat (First year New registration only). you can register Please contact us with your mitsu username...

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