drop catching

  1. CyberKing

    Mitsu Accreditation Termination - Court Documents Secured

    My intention here is to share some key highlights for those curious minds and sadly impacted by this case. I intend to be discreet and brief despite the fact that the full set of certified court documents in WP 3000/2017 registered as WP 3001/2017 have been secured and reviewed. You may invest...
  2. CyberKing

    dot IN Registrar accounts created exclusively for DC?

    Here are two potentially errant Registrar(s) that seem to have gained dot IN accredition last year only for the sole purpose of Drop Catching - especially LLL.in(s) based on patterns I am observing. Any one have any info on them? ABTA DOMAINMING In the IN version of their website whois -...
  3. domainking131

    Pheenix increases backorders for com/net to $59.99

    Pheenix announced that it will be increasing pricing for Gold backorders to $59.99 for com/net. The change will be effective on July 15, 2017. There will also be increases for other domain extensions. This is the 3rd increase for Pheenix in the past year. On January 15, 2017, pricing for Gold...

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