dot IN Registrar accounts created exclusively for DC?


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Here are two potentially errant Registrar(s) that seem to have gained dot IN accredition last year only for the sole purpose of Drop Catching - especially based on patterns I am observing. Any one have any info on them?

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In the IN version of their website whois - they have both specified an obscure street address and every DC that they do comes from an obscure street address and is registered to individuals with questionable credentials (Salim, Akram Yusuf and Balasubramaniam). They do not even have a domain registration site with an ordering tool. They are using the privileged access to the Registry to directly query and reserve these names beating service APIs of other providers and hence they have both combined to DROPCATCH 99% of all LLLs that have dropped in the last year or so in my observation.

Some recent examples -

Let us work to clean up the dot IN cesspool of any criminal elements working to circumvent laws and make a quick profit.I encourage you to report them as you observe each incident to concerned authorities.

PS: Views expressed are my own based on publicly available information, all interested parties are welcome to provide clarification to clear any inference of wrong doing. Whatever is said in this forum is public information and can and will be used against you in the court of law. Any other disclaimers as applicable are assumed. I have a right to my views and opinions.


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Who is buying these domains, and what are they doing with the domains?

They could be just "hoarding" for now with no sales hoping to unload when there is higher demand.....however our buyer community needs to be cautioned and hence it was one of the reasons this was shared in public.


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We have a new errant registrar (based in AP) on the go ahead and check who is picking up LLL the past few weeks! This is going on unchecked and should have been dealt with in a single sweep by NIXI IMO


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In India rules are different depending on how well connected the person or company is


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