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  1. JulienJ

    Its not easy registering in bulk and selling

    A couple of years ago, the .XYZ registry had a special promotion where unregistered .XYZ domain names could be registered for $.01 for the first year. I remember thinking (and writing) about registering a huge swath of them with the hopes of selling just a couple to break even and make a profit...
  2. JulienJ

    Calling all AI startups – you can now easily buy expired .AI domains

    When it comes to getting a good deal on domain names, expired domains are often one of your best bets. While this likely won’t be a good solution if you have a specific name in mind, if you’re open to a range of potential options, expired domains typically sell close to their wholesale price...
  3. JulienJ

    New owner of Vacation.Rentals shares more about why they spent half a million dollars on the domain

    I wrote a post last week about the $500,300 sale of Vacation.Rentals brokered by Brooke from Uniregistry. While I was really happy for Brooke/Uniregistry, the new domain owner, and Donuts, I wrote the post to caution new investors to not spend their life savings on .Rental domains. Big sales...
  4. JulienJ

    Why I Purchased a New .Digital gTLD Domain

    Earlier this year I created a new company called Cars Digital Inc., a marketing company which specializes in advertising for used car dealers. As soon as I had realized that a new gTLD “.digital” domain name was available, I checked to see if “Cars.Digital” was already taken – and saw that it...
  5. JulienJ

    .AI domain name moves to CoCCA, which should spur adoption

    EPP automates many .AI transactions people take for granted with other domains. Anguilla’s country code domain name .AI has become popular in recent years thanks to artificial intelligence companies. Now the domain has a bit of intelligence itself. The domain name registry has moved to the...
  6. JulienJ

    After long fight, Donuts adds .charity to its gTLD stable

    Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, Donuts has prevailed in the two-horse race for the .charity gTLD. The company appears to have privately resolved its contention set, paying off rival bidder Famous Four Media, judging by updates to ICANN’s web site today. The gTLD had been scheduled...
  7. JulienJ

    Top New gTLD domain name sales of 2017 (,,,

    These are the 41 highest selling New gTLD domain names of all 2017. Why 41? Because all 41 domains below were sold for $10,000 or more either by the respective registry or by a domain name investor. There were 106 5-figure new extension domain sales in 2016. (90 in 2015) This year’s number is a...
  8. JulienJ

    Donuts acquires the .TRAVEL domain name extension

    Donuts Inc. today announced it has acquired the .TRAVEL domain name extension from registry operator Tralliance Registry Management Company. The .TRAVEL domain becomes Donuts’ 239th TLD, and the centerpiece of an already-robust portfolio of travel domains that includes: .CITY, .CRUISES...
  9. JulienJ

    20 applicants of .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL will each get a $185,000 refund from ICANN

    ICANN will not delegate the strings .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL in the 2012 round of the New gTLD Program. The ICANN Board has directed the President and CEO to, upon withdrawal of the remaining 20 applications for .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL, provide the applicants a full refund of the New gTLD Program...
  10. JulienJ

    .London domains launch online business community portal

    Dot London, the official domain name for the United Kingdom capital, has launched a new interactive portal on to help showcase the small businesses using Dot London web addresses and empower those looking to set up their own business in London. A survey recently commissioned by...
  11. JulienJ

    Full $185,000 refunds offered to risky new gTLD applicants

    ICANN is to offer applicants for three new gTLDs identified as too risky to go live full refunds of their application fees. Its board of directors acknowledged at its weekend retreat that it has no intention of delegating .corp, .home and .mail, and that each applicant should be able to get...
  12. JulienJ

    Donuts offers free name search technology

    Registrars can integrate technology to find relevant domain names. New top level domain name company Donuts announced the release of a free domain search tool called Relevant Name Search (RNS) today. Many domain name registrars aren’t very good at offering relevant results to domain search...
  13. JulienJ

    Donuts sells the domain name Home.Loans for $500,000

    Donuts Inc. today announced was acquired for $500,000. This is the largest reported sale to date for a New gTLD domain name. This sale surpasses the sale of the domain name that was sold for $210,250 last year. The sale couldn’t have come at a better time as New gTLD...
  14. JulienJ

    A new gTLD kills itself off for the second time

    British pharmacy chain Boots has applied to ICANN to terminate its dot-brand contract for the second time. The company asked for its .boots Registry Agreement, signed in 2015, to be ended in December and ICANN opened the request for public comment this week. What’s weird about the request is...
  15. JulienJ

    Radix crosses $1 million in premium sales in H2 2017

    Radix (an advertiser here) reported their premium sales for (fiscal year second half of 2017. Some of the key highlights of this report are: Radix crosses $1 million in premium sales in H2 2017 64% renewal rate of recurring premiums sold via registrars (applicable for premiums renewing for...
  16. JulienJ

    Active new gTLD domains drop below 20 million

    The number of domain names recorded in new gTLD zone files has dipped below 20 million for the first time in 18 months. The total crossed the milestone in the wrong direction January 1, according to DI’s records. As of today, there are 19.8 million domains in zone files, down from a peak of 26...
  17. JulienJ

    .web closer to reality as antitrust probe ends

    Verisign has been given the all-clear by the US government to go ahead and run the new gTLD .web, despite competition concerns. The Department of Justice told the company yesterday that the antitrust investigation it launched almost exactly a year ago is now “closed”. Verisign’s secret proxy...
  18. JulienJ

    Mike Berkens snags another new gtld sale

    Back in May of 2017 we posted about Mike Berkens selling Learn.Wine for a net of $10,000. Well Mike is back at it with the sale of Talk.Show. Mike tweeted out the details today and while there is an NDA, there is some info that can be taken away with regards to the domain sale. Here's what he...
  19. JulienJ

    2018 finds New gTLDs below the 20 million domain name registration mark

    We are almost 4 years into the New gTLD program and domain name registrations have fallen below the 20 million mark. These are the domain name registrations that according to are in the zone files. These are the domain names that can potentially resolve, i.e. the domains have...
  20. JulienJ

    New gTLD to increase prices 10x, add blockchain voting service

    The new gTLD .voting is to suffer a steep price increase as its registry bakes a new “e-voting solution” into its offering. Valuetainment, the Germany-based registry, informed registrars of its decision recently. While I don’t know the exact figures involved, it appears the annual wholesale...

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