Why I Purchased a New .Digital gTLD Domain

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    Earlier this year I created a new company called Cars Digital Inc., a marketing company which specializes in advertising for used car dealers. As soon as I had realized that a new gTLD “.digital” domain name was available, I checked to see if “Cars.Digital” was already taken – and saw that it indeed was, so there was really nothing I could do about that and moved on with my daily routine. I had already registered the corporation and secured the .com domain name www.carsdigital.com so I was all set.

    I gave it little more thought.
    However, not long thereafter, I was solicited by the owner of the domain www.Cars.Digital and I declined an offer of $7,000.00 to purchase the domain name. I simply told the seller that it was not worth that much to me and I did not feel that it was that important to have. Not worth $7,000.00 for sure.

    After several attempts to convince me of the need to have it, I continued to explain that I did not feel that the Domain was important to the businesses overall success and he was very likely to be sitting on the name for years; that it was more of a vanity play on the name and I countered with a couple of hundred dollars to relieve him of the reg fee – three times reg fee.

    The owner replied with the usual explanations of how sure he was of the value and that it was critically important to my business and that I should purchase it at all costs, however, he was willing to substantially lower the price several thousand dollars so that I could purchase it.

    This back and forth actually went on sporadically for months until I eventually purchased the domain for just $250.00 regardless of the sellers near guarantee that each counter was his final counter.

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