Donuts offers free name search technology

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    Registrars can integrate technology to find relevant domain names.

    New top level domain name company Donuts announced the release of a free domain search tool called Relevant Name Search (RNS) today.

    Many domain name registrars aren’t very good at offering relevant results to domain search queries. This is particularly the case when it comes to top level domain names that have a specific meaning. RNS is designed to fix that.

    While Donuts’ goal in making the tool available to domain name registrars is obviously to help sell more domains under new top level domains, the company says the free name spinner is registry-neutral.

    I tested the beta version of the tool while it was live on and found its results to be fairly good. This week I tested it for three searches and compared it to GoDaddy, which I know has invested significantly in search. Here are the results:


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