1. JulienJ

    Donuts offers free name search technology

    Registrars can integrate technology to find relevant domain names. New top level domain name company Donuts announced the release of a free domain search tool called Relevant Name Search (RNS) today. Many domain name registrars aren’t very good at offering relevant results to domain search...
  2. JulienJ

    Donuts sells the domain name Home.Loans for $500,000

    Donuts Inc. today announced was acquired for $500,000. This is the largest reported sale to date for a New gTLD domain name. This sale surpasses the sale of the domain name that was sold for $210,250 last year. The sale couldn’t have come at a better time as New gTLD...
  3. JulienJ

    Donuts (finally) wins .Charity dispute, clearing path to .charity domain names

    Panel denies community objection against Donuts’ .charity top level domain name application. New top level domain name company Donuts is officially back in the running for the right to run the .charity top level domain name, clearing the way to finalize an operator for the string. If you have...
  4. domainking131

    Donuts to offer $10,000 brand protection service

    Donuts launches DPML on steroids. Top level domain name company Donuts will offer a new DPML Plus service for the last three months of this year. The service, which has a suggested retail price of $9,999, is an enhancement to the company’s existing Domains Protected Marks List service. The...
  5. domainking131 sells for $115,000

    Donuts sells two-letter domain name for six figures. New top level domain name company Donuts has sold the domain name co.LTD for $115,000, the company revealed today. .LTD is a corporate identifier top level domain name and is short for “limited”. There are about 25,000 .ltd domain names in...
  6. domainking131

    Donuts Will Decrease Pricing for New .BUSINESS and .COMPANY Domains

    Effective at 16:00 UTC on October 1, 2016, Donuts will adjust downward the standard wholesale price for new, non-premium registrations in .BUSINESS and .COMPANY. Donuts says that “This adjustment better aligns registration prices with emerging market pricing for fully generic TLDs and further...
  7. domainking131

    Donuts sues ICANN over .web domain

    New top level domain applicant unhappy with ICANN’s response thus far, so it takes its complaint to court. One of new top level domain name company Donuts’ subsidiaries has sued ICANN in an effort to postpone the auction for .web and potentially disqualify one of the participants. Donuts and...
  8. domainking131

    Donuts makes $70 million unsolicited offer for Rightside’s new TLD

    Public offer comes after Rightside declined earlier offers. Donuts announced today that it’s making a $70 million offer to acquire Rightside’s (NASDAQ:NAME) new top level domain name business. The company is making the offer public after “Rightside has repeatedly disregarded” Donuts’ previous...
  9. domainking131

    Inside new top level domain company Donuts

    Two of Donuts’ co-founders discuss the company’s results, strategy, and plans for the future. 185 launches later, the company now has 1.7 million domain names under management and about 40 employees. Last week in Bellevue I sat down with two of Donuts’ founders, CEO Paul Stahura and COO...
  10. domainking131

    Donuts quietly buys .shopping from Uniregistry

    Just a few months after Uniregistry bought out Donuts to win .shopping, Donuts has bought the pre-launch gTLD back. Donuts has also bought live gTLD .jetzt from a Swedish company. The .shopping deal is a weird one. Uniregistry and Donuts were the only two applicants for .shopping, until...
  11. domainking131

    Donuts wins .doctor

    Donuts has emerged the victor of the .doctor gTLD contention set. Competing applicants Radix and The Medical Registry both withdrew their applications last week. The string wasn’t due to head to its ICANN last-resort auction until May 25, indicating that the contention set was settled...
  12. domainking131

    Donuts makes first investment through Donuts Labs

    Donuts’ first investment is in a geo fencing company. Top level domain name company Donuts has made the first of what promises to be many investments through its new Donuts Labs program. Through Donuts Labs, the company is putting its capital and registry knowledge to work by investing in...
  13. domainking131

    Hexonet Starts Offering Donuts & Rightside Backorders For Regular Priced Domains

    Hexonet starts offering Donuts and Rightside backorders for dropping domain names on May 1, 2016. The backorder service will be catching about 400 New gTLDs in total. HEXONET will continue to add backordering for even more new gTLDs in the coming months. Pricing available here
  14. domainking131

    Donuts running BestName.Business

    Donuts is running a brand naming contest for entities that are using a new gTLD domain name extension. The winner of the BestName.Business contest will receive a $5,000 advertising budget courtesy of the registry. The contest is being run by Name.Kitchen, which is a name creation website...
  15. domainking131

    Donuts adds two millionth domain

    Donuts today said that it has added its two millionth new domain name registration. The domain in question was, the company said. The number appears to refer to fresh registrations, not including renewals, across all of its TLDs. Its first batch of gTLDs launched about two...

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