Mike Berkens snags another new gtld sale

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    Back in May of 2017 we posted about Mike Berkens selling Learn.Wine for a net of $10,000. Well Mike is back at it with the sale of Talk.Show. Mike tweeted out the details today and while there is an NDA, there is some info that can be taken away with regards to the domain sale.
    Here's what he tweeted:

    We have now sold the new gTLD Talk(.)Show which we previously reported we turned down a $25K offer on; unfortunately the sale is under NDA so we cannot reveal the price other than to say it was not $25K.

    Here's something interesting that the buyer tweeted:

    I am the buyer, and I paid $50k for http://talk.show. If you had accepted my $5k offer on May 4, 2017, and had invested that in $XRP, as I suggested to you, you would have made $197k today. Thanks, I will make good use of the domain and the funds.