20 applicants of .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL will each get a $185,000 refund from ICANN

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    ICANN will not delegate the strings .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL in the 2012 round of the New gTLD Program. The ICANN Board has directed the President and CEO to, upon withdrawal of the remaining 20 applications for .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL, provide the applicants a full refund of the New gTLD Program application fee of $185,000.

    The ICANN Board considered that the applicants were not aware before the application window that the strings .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL would be identified as high-risk, and that the delegations of such high-risk strings would be deferred indefinitely.

    The Board engaged in a discussion of the relative merits and disadvantages of the various options presented to address the applications. The Board’s discussion focused on issues of fairness, whether the applicants expressed a preference for any of the options, and how to address applications for .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL that had been withdrawn.

    There were 11 applicants for .home, 6 for .corp and 7 for .mail.