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    Rightside reports $4.4 million net loss for Q3

    Rightside announced today financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2016 reporting a net loss of $4.4 million for the 3rd quarter. Rightside has 40 gTLDs in its portfolio and ended the quarter with approximately 546,000 registered domains. Rightside’s retail registrar...
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    .Doctor Winds up With Over 1,400 Domains After First Day of Availability

    The new domain extension .Doctor launched yesterday into general availability where domains could be registered on a first come first served basis. The zone file now reflects 1,421 domain registration which includes those domain names registered in Sunrise by trademark holders and those...
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    .Blog landrush started today

    For people who want to ensure that they secure their .Blog domain name, the .Blog landrush period started today, and it runs for one week. .Blog general availability begins on November 21.
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    .Law has sold and verified 6,000 domain names to law professionals

    Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE:MMX), the owner of the “.law” top-level domain, announced that since launching a year ago, .law has registered more than 6,000 first-choice and premium .law domain names. The registry also claims there are hundreds of unique .law sites already live and many...
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    Re-renewal rates on new TLDs higher than original renewals

    Rightside’s first batch of new TLDs follow the expected pattern for re-renewals. Rightside, which markets 40 top level domain names, this week published data on domain name renewals. The data aren’t particularly surprising. The company has seven top level domain names that have been available...
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    .NYC releases 3,800 premium domains costing between $250 and $5,000

    .NYC domains are 2 years old and celebrate by releasing about 3,800 .nyc “premium domain names” today. Starting on Monday, October 10 at 3:00pm EDT, these .nyc premium domain names will be offered to the public at a premium price through participating domain retailers. This is the list of the...
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    Facebook bought the domain Work.Place for $50,000+

    The domain name Work.Place was sold and the buyer is probably Facebook that launched today its enterprise-focused messaging and social networking service to market under the name Workplace. The seller Edward Alfert has not revealed the sales price but since I had a very small part in the deal I...
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    Why .CLUB Is So Successful

    I’ve been reflecting on some of the great companies that are being built in the domain industry and I couldn’t go past .CLUB. When you consider the new gTLD have only been in the marketplace for a couple of years it’s remarkable what .CLUB has achieved. There are so many new extensions launched...
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    .Global domains turn 2 years old (average premium domain sales price is $2,751)

    .GLOBAL domains turned 2 this month. .Global was launched 9 September 2014. The number of premium domains sold is 253. The average sales price per premium domain sold is $ 2,751 USD. 8189 domain are still reserved as premium domains. 5989 of these domains have fixed prices and are available...
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    .CLUB will no longer recapture and reserve deleting domain names

    Starting October 1, .CLUB will no longer recapture and reserve deleting domain names as the registry As you may know, in the past, as a registry .club has often recovered certain valuable deleting names and reserved them for release as tiered premium names through the registrar channel. The...
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    Donuts to offer $10,000 brand protection service

    Donuts launches DPML on steroids. Top level domain name company Donuts will offer a new DPML Plus service for the last three months of this year. The service, which has a suggested retail price of $9,999, is an enhancement to the company’s existing Domains Protected Marks List service. The...
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    X-Formation launches

    Earlier this week, I learned that a company called X-Formation has launched a new business on The business is simply calledConnect, and it is a cloud-based task automation application that works with a variety of apps, including Twitter, Salesforce, Slack, and Gmail (among others)...
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    .Games got about 3,820 registrations in the first hours of General Availability

    .Games domains entered general availability yesterday September 21. .Games got about 3,820 domain name registrations in the first hours of general availability. .Games got 368 applications during the Sunrise phase with brands like Nintendo, EA, Blizzard, Apple, Major League Baseball, and others...
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    .blog gets 600 applications halfway through sunrise

    WordPress developer Automattic has received over 600 applications for .blog sunrise registrations halfway through its sunrise period. The company’s registry subsidiary, Knock Knock Whois There, said Friday that it has passed the 600 mark with about another 30 days remaining on the clock. While...
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    Not all those .blog names will be priced reasonably

    With reports of some new gTLDs failing to perform well during the renewal phase, how do you plan on maintaining high renewal rates? Matt: By people actually using it! Particularly, with WordPress. If you look at any of the major hosts, typically half or more of their users are using WordPress...
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    Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names Starts Deleting Its 230,000 Uniregistry Domains

    On Thursday Frank Schilling North Sound Names started to delete the registrations for the approximately 230,000 domain names it registered in Uniregistry new gTLD extensions. Yesterday over 100,000 domain names owned by North Sound Names in Uniregistry strings were deleted. About a month ago...
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    The .Club Jackpot Domain Name Auction Results (30 domains sell for $74,944)

    The .CLUB Jackpot Auction ended today at Sedo featuring 30 .Club domains names such as,,,, and many “country code” 2 letter domains. The highest bids were for that ended at $9,999 and for at $7,200. All domains except for one ( sold...
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    Lots of companies are shopping for .Shop

    Registry already has some notable premium domain name sales. GMO Registry paid a whopping $41.5 million to acquire rights to the .shop top level domain name. It’s certainly having a good start with some major premium domain sales. sold for somewhere less than $500,000 and
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    Banks move to 2 character .Bank

  20. domainking131

    .Shop Sunrise Closed With 1,182 Domains

    Earlier this week, the .shop Sunrise, a phase open exclusively to trademark holders, closed with 1,182 applications, making it one of the most successful new top level domain Sunrises to date. Some of the world’s biggest ecommerce and retail brands were registered during the Sunrise phase...

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