1. Digital Pandit

    Facebook sues’s NVSC for cybersquatting

    "Facebook has filed a lawsuit (pdf) against New Ventures Services Corp (NVSC) for alleged cybersquatting of its brands, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. NVSC is a subsidiary that holds domain names for traffic revenue and resale. It gets many of its domain names by...
  2. JulienJ

    Dribbble loses UDRP

    A company called Dribbble (notice the 3 “b’s” in its branding) filed a UDRP to try and wrest control of the domain name, which had been owned by the registrant since 1997. As I suspected when I saw the initial UDRP filing, the domain owner won the UDRP proceeding and will be allowed...
  3. JulienJ hit with UDRP. Owners fight back with lawsuit

    Domain owners fight back in court before UDRP is decided. Last Month Wolf Steel, which markets fireplaces under the brand name Napoleon, filed a UDRP cybersquatting dispute against the domain name The owners of the domain name are fighting back with a lawsuit. Emmet Stephenson...
  4. JulienJ

    Battle to Take-down Ends in Seizure, Criminal Indictments of Ownership

    A long-time battle to remove from the Internet has ended with the indictments of ownership and government seizure of its domain, which hosted a popular online classifieds site similar to Craigslist which allegedly was used heavily by escorts and massage providers...
  5. JulienJ

    Stolen domain name returned through lawsuit

    Court enters default judgment and domain is transferred back to the prior owner. In November I wrote about a lawsuit for The owner of the domain name since 1999 claimed the domain name was stolen from him after his email account was compromised. Although this apparently happened back...
  6. JulienJ

    WIPO shares some facts about 2017 UDRP filings

    It seems that UDRP filings have been increasing every year, and 2017 was no different. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the largest UDRP provider. Yesterday evening, WIPO published a reportabout UDRP filings in 2017, and I wanted to share some of the facts with you. 2017...
  7. JulienJ

    Office Depot gets reverse domain hijacking win over domain name

    Dispute between two parties over domain name is clearly outside the confines of UDRP. A World Intellectual Property Organization panel has determined that Office Depot’s ownership of does not constitute cybersquatting. It also found that the complainant Aurelius RHO GTM...
  8. JulienJ subject of UDRP by Dribbble was registered over 20 years ago in 1997, and the domain name is registered to a company in Minnesota. Using DomainTools Historical Whois tool, I was able to see the Whois record as far back as 2002, and it looks like the same entity owned the domain name back then. When I visited...
  9. JulienJ

    Insurance giant AXA loses fight for

    Company provides the evidence that panel used to dismiss the dispute. Insurance company AXA has lost a cybersquatting complaint it brought against the domain name The owner of the domain name did not respond to the complaint, yet AXA itself provided the evidence necessary for the...
  10. JulienJ

    WebMD can keep its domain, panel rules

    Infertility company fails in cybersquatting claim for A World Intellectual Property Organization panel has ruled against Spanish infertility medical company Equipo IVI SL in a dispute over the domain name Equipo IVI argued that WebMD was cybersquatting by owning the domain...
  11. JulienJ

    Bank files lawsuit after domain owner forwards domain to UDRP decision

    Marathon Savings Bank lost a UDRP for, so it’s trying a federal lawsuit instead. Marathon Savings Bank, located in Wisconsin, has sued (pdf) Affordable Webhosting, Inc. for cybersquatting after losing a UDRP to get the domain name The bank uses the domain name...
  12. JulienJ

    Much Ado about Carrillo sues bus company after bad UDRP decision owner sues to retain ownership of and asks for a finding of reverse domain name hijacking. Francois Carrillo, the owner of domain blog aggregator, has sued (pdf) Mexican bus company Autobuses dr Oriente ADO, S.A. de C.V. after a UDRP panel ordered his domain...
  13. JulienJ

    WIPO panel screws owner Francois Carrillo out of

    Panel orders three-letter domain to be transferred to Mexican bus company. A three-member World Intellectual Property Organization panel has ordered the domain name transferred in a bad UDRP decision. The domain name is owned by Francois Carrillo, the owner of domain blog aggregator...
  14. JulienJ

    Ritz Carlton Hotel Wins UDRP For RitzCarltonYachtCollection.Com

    Ritz-Carlton complained that the domain,, was registered just after the hotel announced its plans to offer luxury yacht experiences under the name The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection on June 22 2017. The company did register the hyphenated version –...
  15. JulienJ subject of UDRP

    A UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) over the domain name. According to, “Rioja is arguably Spain’s top wine region and is one of only two regions classified under the Denominación de Origen Calificada (DOCa) system. Its two most...
  16. JulienJ

    UDRP reform is coming. Here’s ICA’s position

    Here’s what domain investors would like to see happen during the review of the UDRP. For the first time in the 18 years since it was introduced, the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) regarding cybersquatting is being reviewed. This is an issue for domain name investors to watch. Expect...
  17. JulienJ

    Another bad ICANN decision: on August 1st 2018 thousands of New gTLD domains will be blocked from re

    Another bad ICANN decision is out that will protect some privileged IGOs and INGOs and the “beloved” International Olympic Committee (IOC). Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement (RCRC), the only organization that might have warranted some additional protection, is there just to make the decision...
  18. JulienJ

    ICA Full Speed Ahead: Can UDRP Be Used to Steal Your Domain Name After 20 Years?

    As the saying goes, actions [always] speak louder than words. I came across some material today on Circle ID that certainly merits some highlighting; reason being, all domainers should know about it. A Re-Examination of the Defense of Laches After 18 Years of the UDRP, by Internet Commerce...
  19. JulienJ

    UDRP against which is in auction

    A couple of days ago, I noticed that was in pending delete status and headed to auction. is a domain name that previously (up until deletion) was home to a website operated by intellectual property attorney Stevan Lieberman of Greenberg and Lieberman. When I...

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