UDRP against DigitalCandy.com which is in auction

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    A couple of days ago, I noticed that DigitalCandy.com was in pending delete status and headed to auction. DigitalCandy.com is a domain name that previously (up until deletion) was home to a website operated by intellectual property attorney Stevan Lieberman of Greenberg and Lieberman. When I noticed the status of the domain name, I reached out to Stevan to see what happened and learned it was an error.

    The domain name is currently in a private auction at SnapNames. Stevan told me he contacted Web.com to pull the auction because of the registered trademark claim and his company’s ongoing use but that Web.com refused to do so. Apparently the domain name went to auction without intervention.

    This afternoon, Stevan filed a UDRP against the DigitalCandy.com domain name at the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre. Stevan emailed me a copy of the UDRP filing, and according to the UDRP complaint, “On January 8, 2018 the domain name DigitalCandy.com was allowed to drop by the registrar due to a glitch in its registrar code. Cid Dec. ¶ ¶ 5 – 7 . Digital Candy was not notified that there was an issue with the domain name.”

    Via email Stevan told me, “it appeared that the domain was set to auto-renew and in fact in the client panel it looked like the domain had been renewed.” Steven further told me “this fact is backed up by a declaration from the registrar’s CEO.”