ICA Full Speed Ahead: Can UDRP Be Used to Steal Your Domain Name After 20 Years?


As the saying goes, actions [always] speak louder than words. I came across some material today on Circle ID that certainly merits some highlighting; reason being, all domainers should know about it. A Re-Examination of the Defense of Laches After 18 Years of the UDRP, by Internet Commerce Association

With some much going wrong in the world these days, boy does it feel good to see something ‘going right’ once in a while.
First off,

  1. If you are a member of the ICA, then this work is a good, no great example of what you are paying for with your monthly or yearly dues (this stuff is hard work).
  2. If you are not currently a member of the ICA, if you join, this is where a portion of your dues will go, to help ‘super-smart’ people help your business, protect your assets, as well as the protect the entire industry.
  3. Finally, if you are not a member of the ICA, and you do not even plan on becoming a member, well, thank [someone in some holy-land somewhere] that this organization is out there working for you anyway, because if were not, I feel confident that you and I would surely, at some point or another, have less.

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