WIPO panel screws Domaining.com owner Francois Carrillo out of Ado.com


Panel orders three-letter domain to be transferred to Mexican bus company.

A three-member World Intellectual Property Organization panel has ordered the domain name Ado.com transferred in a bad UDRP decision.

The domain name is owned by Francois Carrillo, the owner of domain blog aggregator Domaining.com. Carrillo also owns Catchy.com, where he sells many three and four letter domain names.

The decision was flawed.

Among the judgments the panel made is that $500,000 was too much to ask for the domain name because Carillo purchased it for $27,500. Not only is the purchase price incorrect (Carrillo also transferred the domain Koz.com to the seller as part of the deal), but panels shouldn’t generally get involved with determining what a fair price is for a domain.

One of the more forehead-slapping claims by the complainant, a Mexican bus company called Ado that uses Ado.com.mx, relates to this price. It claims that the $500,000 asking price is “outrageous when compared to the other domain names offered for sale or rent on the “Catchy.com” website”, according to the decision. It gives five examples:

Domain Name

ado.com 500,000 USD
kuve.com 45,000 USD
paxe.com 50,000 USD
amim.com 20,000 USD
zill.com 80,000 USD

Notice anything different about Ado.com and the other domains? Perhaps the length?

Indeed, it makes perfect sense that someone asking $80,000 for Zill.com would ask $500,000 for Ado.com. But the panelists swallowed this statement about the price as true.



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