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    “UDRP” for copyright has been officially terminated

    Public Interest Registry (PIR), the .org registry, has officially terminated the Systemic Copyright Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy (SCADR). PIR determined that the SCADR is not ripe for implementation. The intention of the SCADR was to create a narrowly tailored solution to address...
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    Global law firms targeted by Chinese cyber-squatter

    At least three global law firms have found their names being used in China due to the country’s ‘first-to-register’ trademark system and the challenging route to resolve others using their brand. Squire Patton Boggs, Norton Rose Fulbright and Osborne Clarke are all registered to a technology...
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    Facebook files 101 domain name UDRP

    Facebook has filed quite a large UDRP at the World Intellectual Property Organization against 101 domain names. It looks like all of the domain names are in the .Top extension, and it looks like the domain names either have Facebook, Instagram, or FB in them. I believe a UDRP on multiple...
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    Volkswagen lost UDRP against the domain

    Automotive manufacturer, Volkswagen, filed a UDRP against the owner of the domain Claiming rights to the GTi part, the car maker giant must have been certain that the outcome would be a walk in the park. The Respondent registered the domain to share his experiences with GTI cars; a...
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    Two stolen three-letter domains returned via UDRP

    Panels order and to be transferred back to their previous owners. Two three-letter domain names that were allegedly stolen from their owners have been returned through cybersquatting claims under UDRP. In separate decisions, a panel awarded the transfer of to Energias...
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    Reverse domain name hijacking in case

    Hospital organization tried to reverse hijack valuable domain names, panel says. Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, a group of hospitals in Geneva, has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking over the domain names, and The hospital organization...
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    Reverse domain name hijacking alleged in lawsuit

    Reality TV star could be on the hook for $100k depending on outcome of lawsuit. TV star Heidi Powell filed a cybersquatting lawsuit against a woman named Heidi Powell over the domain name The case looked baseless, as the registrant clearly didn’t register the domain name in...
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    No UDRP on This One, TM holder brings lawsuit instead

    WPX Energy is suing an unknown individual for trademark infringement and related fraud. The Tulsa-based petroleum and natural gas exploration company filed the lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma. The lawsuit alleges that a currently unknown defendant...
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    John Berryhill wins UDRP on behalf of Mrs. Jello LLC

    A Spanish company with a figurative mark for “LOADING” filed a UDRP for the aged domain Registered in 1998, the domain is owned by Mrs. Jello, LLC – the estate of late domain investor Igal Lichtman. The domain was acquired in 2009. Javier Narvaez Segura, Grupo Loading Systems S.L...
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    Lawsuit over stolen domain name gets caught in trap

    Court determines it can’t issue default judgment in John Doe suit. A lawsuit filed to recover the allegedly stolen domain name has hit a snag in Fairfax County court. Jon Beutler registered in 1995. He alleges that the domain name was stolen from his GoDaddy account last year...
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    Virgin Loses URS On The Domain Name

    Virgin Enterprise Limited of London, has lost a Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) proceeding on the domain name which is owned by Wang Hong Wei of Beijing, China who did not even respond to the URS. The Examiner Mr. Peter Müller concluded that Virgin failed to provide “a single...
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    Nestle retains iconic domain name

    Company that trademarks old names filed cybersquatting complaint against It’s not often that you see a big corporation on the receiving end of a UDRP. But that was the case with a just-decided case involving the domain name, which is owned by Nestle. The history of...
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    Lawsuit alleges domain name stolen

    Porsche service company alleges domain name was stolen from its Network Solutions account. European Performance Engineering, Inc. (EPE) has filed a lawsuit (pdf) alleging that a thief stole the domain name from it. The company, which services Porsche vehicles, says that someone gained...
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    Pokemon is a trademark

    Whenever there is something viral or trending, it seems that people register a ton of domain names to try and capitalize on the trend or participate in it in a unique way. If you’ve been watching the news for the last few days (or are into gaming), you’ve probably heard aboutPokemon Go. If you...
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    Parties not revealed in UDRP stays with mystery owner. A UDRP panel has denied a cybersquatting complaint filed against the owners of The owner of the domain didn’t register it in bad faith, as it was registered before the complainants had rights in the mark Reveel. The case (pdf) is interesting for...
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    Parties not revealed in UDRP stays with mystery owner. A UDRP panel has denied a cybersquatting complaint filed against the owners of The owner of the domain didn’t register it in bad faith, as it was registered before the complainants had rights in the mark Reveel. The case (pdf) is interesting for...
  17. domainking131 hit with UDRP

    UDRP against will be interesting to read. just got hit with a UDRP. Fashion One Television Limited filed the UDRP. Fashion One launched in 2010 and produces a number of fashion TV shows. I couldn’t find any shows in its stable with “Apollo” in them. is owned...
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    Muhammad Ali Enterprises Files 1st UDRP To Gain Control of Domain

    Muhammad Ali Enterprises has filed its first UDRP to Gain Control of the domain name The domain name was registered by Michael Green of Austin Texas on his date of death June 3, 2016. The domain is going to a site containing pictures of Muhammad Ali and...
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    Parking dooms owner of in UDRP

    Why would you park a domain like this one? There are several reasons that the Chinese owner of just lost the domain name in a UDRP to F5 Networks, Inc. But one of them should be a warning for owners of short domains: the ads on the parked page were related to the complainant’s business...
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    Why Rick Schwartz’s UDRP loss is good for domainers UDRP loss can help domainers on the receiving end of a UDRP. Earlier this month domain investor Rick Schwartz lost a UDRP–as the complainant. Schwartz filed a UDRP against a domain name registrar over the domain Schwartz has a trademark for Domain King in the...

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