Battle to Take-down Ends in Seizure, Criminal Indictments of Ownership


A long-time battle to remove from the Internet has ended with the indictments of ownership and government seizure of its domain, which hosted a popular online classifieds site similar to Craigslist which allegedly was used heavily by escorts and massage providers far-bending the envelope between casual encounters, prostitution and human trafficking, according to investigators.

Since 2010, has come under fire for its alleged facilitation and conspiracy with its users and posters of online ads which were said to be used to setup meetings with underage victims forced into prostitution.

Indictments charge its operators with being complicit in the crimes committed through the site by offering ‘work-arounds’ to its users in-order to deter law enforcement by not using certain words in ads, often even editing the ads, to prevent criminality, and in some instances even training users to utilize alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin in addition to visiting cloned websites setup overseas specifically to complete payments after US credit card processors discontinued to service the site in recent years.

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