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Zoho was an Indian Startup , which I think almost everybody would have used, I Used it for making quick online forms and the Word editor they have. I read an interesting article on readwriteweb on how Zoho can be the next big thing. Read This Article and share your views


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Thanks for the article Nomad. It's great to read about this Indian company. I've actually never used any of the Zoho apps before.

It's extremely hard to compete with Microsoft and Google, but not impossible. If Zoho want people to take notice of them, I would think they need to brand and market themselves a lot more.


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Well I am not interested in online applications. I am interested in portable applications, but more of the flash drive variety rather than the cloud computing variety. As durable and robust as the internet is, storing all of your data on a remote server is reckless in my opinion. While good for long range communication, a offline suite needs to be deployed where it can work intranet and offline rather than be server stored from another company. I would in no way be interested in using such a service. I prefer software I can hold. That is mine. That I know I can use ten years from now.


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Very interested read; thanks for sharing it. As Ceres stated, it is nice to see someone looking to compete with companies like Microsoft and Google; especially an Indian company. I really think that I am going to follow this project and see how it goes in the future. :)


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It sounds very interesting. I think that this company has the potential to become the next big thing on the internet; I think that I will, like Ice, follow this project for a while.


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The site itself looks good and could be quite useful although I wouldn't go as far as to saying that it will be the next biggest thing. Still a great find I reckon!
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