Zoho SalesIQ Offers GoDaddy Customers the Opportunity to Tap Potential Buyers

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    Real-time website visitor insights and live chat software set to help GoDaddy users increase website conversions

    Zoho today announced it has teamed up with GoDaddy Inc., the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, to give GoDaddy customers in the U.S. access to special deals on Zoho SalesIQ. This move makes Zoho’s real-time website visitor insights and live chat software a convenient and cost-effective solution for GoDaddy’s small business customers looking to engage website visitors and turn them into customers.

    “The insights provided by Zoho SalesIQ enable businesses to have a meaningful conversation with their hot leads, and increase their online sales significantly.”

    “GoDaddy helps businesses find their perfect domain name, create a great website and attract new customers. With this alliance, these businesses can use Zoho SalesIQ to identify potential buyers among all their website visitors and engage with them,” said Vice President of GoDaddy’s Global Partner Network, Jeff Lulenski.

    Pricing and Availability

    Zoho SalesIQ is available immediately. The free version is for two users, one website, engaging 5,000 visitors/month, and supports 100 chat sessions a month. The three paid packages (and their discounted prices for GoDaddy users) include Basic ($205/year), Professional ($637/year) and Enterprise ($1,393/year).