QRG.IN and GoSport.IN in INDRP


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Logged yesterday were two INDRPs

A rare LLL related INDRP which I hope is defended by the registrant well against any attempt to RDNH it by most likely complainants QRG Hospitals without a trademark applicable in this context.

Then there is GoSport.IN which should also be easily defended with no trademark applicable.
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The complainant fpr QRG.in is likely HAVELLS GROUP -

QRG is also an short for Qimat Rai Gupta the founder (no more) who bought Havells brand for 7 lacs and grew it into a 3 Billion USD business in consumer electrical goods and lighting brands..they also own QRG Health City and QRG Medicare among other group companies - the only ones branded with QRG

Havells India is a fast moving electrical group company with a strong global presence with an extensive distribution network and world class quality.

The domestic manufacturing plants are located across 12 manufacturing locations in India: Delhi NCR, Alwar, Baddi, Faridabad, Haridwar, Neemrana, Sahibabad and Guwahati.

Havells aims at reaching the far corners of the country and the world. Within India it has a presence in over 1 lac retail outlets that are serviced by an extensive distribution network.

PS- They own QRG.CO.IN since 2016 only an its not an operational site as of last check domain was not resolving.


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