1. CyberKing

    The curious case of Internet.IN from 2011

    There was rampant "fraud" and abuse of access, privilege and first mover advantage in the early days of the dot IN life along with trademark laws, given the lack of maturity, poor governance and plain ignorance of the administrators in some here is a look back at a case that offers...
  2. CyberKing

    A flood INDRPs post Diwali holiday season

    In my view AND should be watched - if defended well...given some grey area opportunity in vnext (very speciifc sub product brand) and has no TM in India . Rest are blatant TM violations.,in is a strange one also. 15.11.2018 Ms. Divya...
  3. CyberKing will be interesting INDRP

    Among few newly filed INDRP cases this month - While is an open and shut case and most likely will be transferred to the German firm - Covestro AG is a Bayer spin off formed in the fall of 2015 and formerly Bayer MaterialScience, Bayer's $12.3 billion materials science division...
  4. CyberKing

    QRG.IN and GoSport.IN in INDRP

    Logged yesterday were two INDRPs A rare LLL related INDRP which I hope is defended by the registrant well against any attempt to RDNH it by most likely complainants QRG Hospitals without a trademark applicable in this context. Then there is GoSport.IN which should also be easily defended with...
  5. CyberKing TM Lawsuit

    Given the recent sale of the .IN which is developed and operated by a Russian company this could get very interesting! Andrew specifically mentions .IN in his editorial views "Well, yes. You can say that about any .io (or .in) domain and any .info domain. You can also say that .net is only...
  6. domainking131 rebrands to a .shop and gets a trademark approved

    Well back on October 3, 2017 which is now running on got a U.S. trademark. Very interesting to see this got approved. Not sure what will do but should but I would expect some kind of reply to the trademark. This news appeared on TLDinvestors
  7. domainking131 rebrands to a .shop and gets a trademark approved

    Well back on October 3, 2017 which is now running on got a U.S. trademark. Very interesting to see this got approved. Not sure what will do but should but I would expect some kind of reply to the trademark. This news appeared on TLDinvestors
  8. domainking131

    Domain Investors Need To Learn Some Trademark Law

    Simply put if you are a serious domain investor, you need to know trademark law as it relates to domain names. I’m not telling domainers to go to law school. I’m also not telling domain investors to self-represent themselves and not seek out legal advice from established attorney’s who...
  9. domainking131

    Nearly 4,000 pokemon names registered

    According to Verisign’s DomainView Tool, nearly 4,000 .com and .net domain names have been registered with the Pokemon trademark in them during the past 7 days. This includes 421 .net domain names and 3,447 .com domain names. I am sure there have been hundreds or possibly thousands of other...
  10. domainking131

    Pokemon is a trademark

    Whenever there is something viral or trending, it seems that people register a ton of domain names to try and capitalize on the trend or participate in it in a unique way. If you’ve been watching the news for the last few days (or are into gaming), you’ve probably heard aboutPokemon Go. If you...
  11. domainking131

    Nike victorious : 20 year old Romanian domain lost in UDRP

    Nike® is one such famous trademark – although we could argue about how the Greek goddess of victory became a protector of sports shoes. Regardless, Nike® is a famous, strong brand and the company used that to wrestle away the 20 year old Romanian ccTLD domain, NIKE, Inc. and Nike...
  12. domainking131

    Yet another Entrepreneur Media lawsuit against an entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur Media, the company that publishes, has sued (pdf) yet another hapless entrepreneur who dared used the word “entrepreneur” in their business. The Roos Cohen Group started a Mastermind program (god I hate that term) called Evolving Entrepreneur using the domain name...
  13. domainking131

    Trademarks and Copyrights with Daliah Saper

    What do domain name investors and domain developers need to know about trademarks and copyrights? Daliah Saper of Saper Law gives a quick crash course on today’s podcast, including trademarking a domain name. Check out this podcast to learn a great deal about trademarks and copyrights
  14. domainking131

    Facebook Refuses To Take Domain Back from Registrant

    Facebook filed a complaint with U.K. Internet authority Nominet over The registrant Steven Cameron said he did not register the domain name or have anything to do with it. According to an article on, Mr. Cameron did offer to give Facebook the domain but Facebook...
  15. domainking131 goes to court to try to get trademarks

    Travel site has run into a wall trying to get trademarks related to its namesake, and it’s going to court to overturn U.S. Patent and Trademark office decisions. filed suit (pdf) on Friday to try to get the USPTO to grant the trademarks. Source
  16. domainking131

    : Trademark Holder Of Rocket Pay Wins Loses on

    Two interesting UDRP decisions were handed down today but two different UDRP panelist both involving the trademark holder of “Rocket Pay” In the first case Rocketgate PR LLC went after the direct match domain name, which was registered in 2002, some ten years before the trademark...
  17. domainking131

    No-show cybersquatter liable for $1.2 million

    A cybersquatter has been ordered to pay $1.2 million in damages for deliberately using a confusingly similar domain name to steal a competitor’s business. The US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas granted insurance company Neutron Depot’s motion for default judgement on 21...
  18. domainking131

    Amazon registers domain with Google trademark:

    Amazon Technologies registered two new domain names according to whois records that caught my attention on January 27, 2016 The first registration matches the sub-domain name used by Amazon for its AAP advertising program they offer. The second domain...

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