Nike victorious : 20 year old Romanian domain lost in UDRP


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Nike® is one such famous trademark – although we could argue about how the Greek goddess of victory became a protector of sports shoes.

Regardless, Nike® is a famous, strong brand and the company used that to wrestle away the 20 year old Romanian ccTLD domain,

NIKE, Inc. and Nike Innovate C.V. declared an easy victory, particularly since their old, established and famous trademark wasn’t challenged in this UDRP by the Respondent, Sune Stilling of Denmark.

For the full text of this UDRP, click here.

Source: Domain Gang
That's not much for an achievement given how powerful is this kind of brand. If I were the owner of, I would be a bit annoyed for the arrogance of this american company.


Really goes to show how domain squatting might really backfire, like it should. Of course it requires a local presence, but even on this forums we've seen people thinking it's a good idea to register domains that infringe on a trademark, and then try to sell them "back" to the companies. While in some cases this will probably work, since it's just easier for the company to not get their legal team involved, they could just get a court order to seize the domain for themselves.
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