1. CyberKing

    The curious case of Internet.IN from 2011

    There was rampant "fraud" and abuse of access, privilege and first mover advantage in the early days of the dot IN life along with trademark laws, given the lack of maturity, poor governance and plain ignorance of the administrators in some here is a look back at a case that offers...
  2. CyberKing

    A flood INDRPs post Diwali holiday season

    In my view AND should be watched - if defended well...given some grey area opportunity in vnext (very speciifc sub product brand) and has no TM in India . Rest are blatant TM violations.,in is a strange one also. 15.11.2018 Ms. Divya...
  3. CyberKing

    RDNH like attempt by TATA MOTORS FAILS

    With the upcoming launch of their new SUV Tata Motors tried to pull a fast one and secure and FAILED - excellent judgement and defense set up ....a must read! A firm like Tata should be ashamed of this approach taken. Wish we had a hall of shame for such examples. This Harrier wont...
  4. CyberKing will be interesting INDRP

    Among few newly filed INDRP cases this month - While is an open and shut case and most likely will be transferred to the German firm - Covestro AG is a Bayer spin off formed in the fall of 2015 and formerly Bayer MaterialScience, Bayer's $12.3 billion materials science division...
  5. CyberKing INDRP Decision a DISASTER

    Absolute tragedy - the quality of response cannot determine the decision of a Arbitrator - this one was a pathetic fall over by someone ignorant of the law and application of the 3 part rule to the fullest - this panelist should be removed IMO TYPING MISTAKES INCLUDE REFERENCING THE CO.IN on...
  6. CyberKing

    LALA...goes Bye Bye

    Another open and shut case - The notorious Chinese Registrant "Alex Wang" strikes again This firm with TMs in SE Asia and a newly applied for but not yet registered mark LALAMOVE in India IP easily took the name without a fight since the respondant Alex Wang did not reply - never does. TM...
  7. CyberKing - Open and Shut Case

    Looks like Havells is on a tear - taking anyone and everyone to the INDRP process and winning! The registrant booked the name for 10 years - what a waste and failed to respond to the complaint...however best as I can tell this had nothing to do with domain grabbing and possibly a small business...
  8. CyberKing

    QRG.IN and GoSport.IN in INDRP

    Logged yesterday were two INDRPs A rare LLL related INDRP which I hope is defended by the registrant well against any attempt to RDNH it by most likely complainants QRG Hospitals without a trademark applicable in this context. Then there is GoSport.IN which should also be easily defended with...
  9. CyberKing

    INDRP Watch - Interesting Disputes

    Interesting domain disputes pending, and worth watching.

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