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Looks like Havells is on a tear - taking anyone and everyone to the INDRP process and winning!

The registrant booked the name for 10 years - what a waste and failed to respond to the complaint...however best as I can tell this had nothing to do with domain grabbing and possibly a small business owner (THE STANDARD AGENCIES,KALOOR, KOCHI) who was clueless when they secured this name? Lucky they were not penalised with any costs...very lucky.

They have also owned STANDARDAGENCIES.IN since 2016 which is an exact match to the established business name and DO NOT HAVE an active website - not even a one pager.

They are a distributor for the very same products and yet not sure why the giant Havells preferred this route. This is very HOSTILE and not a good precedent.

At the same time IMO this is perhaps the quickest and easiest 35000 Rs that the Arbitrator Pooja ever made!


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