Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales
4 more from per : $100 3/20/07 $70 3/19/07 $180 3/11/07 $80 3/07/07

Yep I agree - sedo has a very strong presence in the aftermark sales. It will be interesting to see some larger sales on SEDO for .in --- having just a few could do wonders for the namespace.
A small one: $50 3/23/07 Afternic Bazaar per

It is great news that we can get enough sales figures to work out an average resale price.

Maybe, I'll start a separate sales thread for lower value names (or even just for and leave this for names over $500 or so.

That way we'll be able to get an accurate idea of where things stand. $45-50 would put not too far behind (
I'd keep them all in one spot - its nice to see the differences and frequency of the names.

Mabye a spreadsheet list format at the front of this thread with a rolling list of names sold, price, date and category (dating, ecommerce, LLL,etc).
Another good sale about the close on Sedo: 610 EUR

This weekend when I have a bit more time I'll tidy up this thread and make it easier to scan all the information.
Yep - took about a month to officially sell after the auction. Its great to see a steady stream of $1000 sales.


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