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We have a complete list of Indian domain sales at:

However, I thought it would be useful to break it down and just look at sales. So, here is a list of all sales of $100 or more: - $7000 (Sedo. 6th June, 2006) - $6,000 (May 2008, DNJ) - $5,000 (May 2008, DNJ) - $5,000 (Namepros, 28th Sep. 2007) - $5,000 (Sedo. Dec. 2007) - 3275 = $4,816 (Sedo. 28th Nov 2007) - $3,000 (Private Sale, September 2008) - $2,500 (via DomainState) - $2,500 - $2,500 (Sedo. 13th Sept., 2006) - $2,188 (Private Sale. 28th March, 2006) - $2,100 (Sedo, September 2008) - $2,000 (Private Sale, March, 2007) - $1,750 - $1,576 (Sedo, May 2008) - $1,550 (Private Sale, November 2008) - $1,500 (DNForum - later resold for more) - $1,250 (Sedo, Feb. 2007) - $1,200 - $1,150 (Sedo, July 2008) - $1,000 (Sedo. 1st Feb, 2007) - $1,000 (Sedo, Nov 2006) - $980 (2008) - 500 = $653 (Sedo, October 2008)
Credit - $650 (Sedo, Apr 2005) - $565 - $550 - $510 (Sedo, May 2008) - $500 (, November 2007) - $499 (, September 2007) - $499 (, September 2007) - $400 - $360 (Sedo, January 2008) - $350 (Sedo, July 2008) - $350 - $350 - $350 $300 (Sedo, March 2007) - $300 - $260 (Sedo, April 2008) - $250 - $250 (Private, Mar 2005) - $250 - $250
F* - $225 - $200 - $200 (Sedo, June 2007) - $180 (Sedo, October 2008) - $170 (Sedo, February 2008) - $120 - $110 (Sedo, July 2008) - $110 (Sedo, October 2008) - $110 (Sedo, July 2008) - $100 - $100 (Sedo, April 2008) - $100 - $100
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Are those amounts for real. I cannot believe that anyone would really pay those amounts for a domain name. Would they really pay this amount. it is a great list with some good names but I find it difficult to believe that people would really pay these amounts. That is a lot of money.


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most of the domain sales seem to genuine..also, Attagirl, one thing you need to consider is the popularity of the domain..the number of back links it has..whether there was an existing website etc etc..


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Although these are very nice, why is it that I would want something that be a these appear to be names that would not benefit me at all. Here is why, these are only subdomains and my business would not be able to use those that way.

for example when putting the domain name of it forwards to I have been buying and selling domains for a number of years and seen a few that might possibly be worth some of the money but most of it is not worth other than a sales pitch. How can this be good for people.

I am just trying to understand where your point of view is coming from.


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Thanks for letting us know!

I'm surprised that those domains were dropped.


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Completed Sale of

I just have completed Sale of sold this for $50 on a offer received on this forum itself.

Just now pushed the domain into iphone3g's account.

Opened this thread to give itrader rating:p
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Congrats Gaurish.

Jeff - is there a way I can find the lists of or .in domains have been sold for especially on Sedo?
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