Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales
Interesting site, Based on Pligg by the looks of it and seems really active now.

Anyway - its been added to the list.
Thanks very much for the comprehensive list. This really helps refine value analysis.
I have sold a few
Anyone else selling any
Brent sold for upper $XXX:

VIN.IN sold on Sedo auction for $610

Thanks - I saw this too. I know from experience that not all Sedo sales go through so was reluctant to post it until it appeared on the Sedo frontpage.

Happy to see it went through and I've added it to the list.
Looks like another, sold by Wot for $2,000 per Namepros:

Frank 10,000 GBP ($19,755) 2000 USD 1000 USD 750 Euros ($973) 120 Euros 100 Euros
Just sold for $200 . A very good deal, since it had been regged for a very very short time. ::)


This fantastic domain name got sold for U.S.6666 Dollars, in september 2006 at
This news was broken by CNBC AWAAZ in India.

Lucky seller as well as buyer.

Great sale, but I think Steve is only listing India domain name extensions here (.in, , etc.). Can you clarify, Steve?

Frank ???
Yes - worth starting a separate list for .coms / nets that have an Indian connection?

Plus, one for Indian IDNs as well?


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