1. AnilTanwar

    Domain Name for sale
  2. S

    Geographical Domain name (Geographic keyword domain name) SEARCH VOLUME ON GOOGLE 90,500/MO Kadwal - is a small Village/hamlet in Dhanpur Taluka in Dohad District of Gujarat State, India. It comes under Kadwal Panchayath. It is located 31 KM towards South from District head quarters Dahod. 189 KM from State...
  3. V

    Hey guys: ICANN and registry.IN common stuff

    Hey guys, so I've ought domains before - couple of times. New project, need some domains to fill the space (reasonably). Last purchase was on BigRock but I tend to forget so.. this time round I latched on to Mitsu and almost paid, but then I read about the court case etc so I decided to wait a...
  4. webmaster75

    Registrar: Dynadot LLC Registered On:2020-05-05 Expires On:2023-05-05 Transfer method: only PUSH Payment: Epik escrow / / Sedo PM with your offer for DAO Chinese: “way,” “road,” “path,” “course,” “speech,” or “method”)Wade-Giles romanization tao, the fundamental concept of...
  5. Aubits

    Indian Brands using Generic Phrases/Keywords - .IN and .CO.IN

    A recent trend in Indian marketing/advertising shows few companies using Phrases (social media) and .in/ domains. Many Indian corporations own their brand names in .in/, however we think this is a new strategy where they are beginning to use multiple domain names in their category...
  6. D

    Portulaca grandiflora, moss rose plant available for sale for Rs 99 only

    One of the easiest flowering plant to grow at home in India is the moss rose, portulaca grandiflora plant. The plant, does not have to be watered daily and has rose like flowers. Indian plant lovers can purchase a plant online for only Rs 99, at . Price includes...
  7. Sarfraz S is available for sale. Make offers via PM or landing page.. Thanks!
  8. Mittaltiger Auction Reserve - $100 USD Other Auctions - None End Date - 07/02/2018 Best regards, -- Mittaltiger
  9. Mittaltiger,, are on lot sale

    Hi I am holding on to domains :- - SUCCESS - POT - VIRTUAL REALTY VENTURE CAPITAL All 3 domains are premium and follow pattern respectively - ABCA, ABCC, ABAC - Please reply to this thread else drop an email at, contact AT mittaltiger DOT com, to dicuss...
  10. Juana

    The Domain Name DIGITALIZEDINDIA.COM is on Sale for $4750.

    Perfect Domain Name for INDIA. Domain Name - DIGITALIZEDINDIA.COM Price for this domain is - Amount Excl. Taxes - Buy Now Price: $4750 Registrar - Uniregistrar Corp Registration Date - 2017-12-18 Expiration Date - 2018-12-18 Updated Date - 2017-12-20 Payment Options - PayPal and Escrow. Renewal...
  11. Aubits

    .IN / .CO.IN - 2017 views and insights

    I just put some of my thoughts on .IN market , mostly for newer domainers
  12. D

    Free book reviews for indian authors

    Authors and publishers interested in free reviews for their print book on an established book review blog (which has more than 100 reviews) and goodreads, please send an email to info(at) for more details for sending the complimentary copy of the book ...
  13. domain investor @ Flippa

    Homeworking in India is a huge industry, though much of it is unregulated. It is, however, vital to the flourishing Indian economy. No reserve on at Flippa now.
  14. A

    Hello I would like to have an appraisal for this high Brandable name that can be use by any TV Company any live Broadcast Online Show in INDIA it is short , catchy. Thanks a lot for your support
  15. Thedomainbaron Is Available for sale (seller has the right to reserve price which PM me if interested in reserve) Registered: GoDaddy Expires:2018 Bidding Starts at $10 USD $5 Increments....Good Luck and Happy Bidding Email me with any questions or concerns are welcome as well...
  16. Aubits

    Why .IN domains should have more Free and Open Aftermarket in India

    Having been an investor and enthusiast of .IN domains since 2005, have to tell you the growth of .IN registrations have been good but could be a lot better. India is a country that has a great future ahead and there is tremendous energy in growth of ecommerce, startups, high speed broadband ...
  17. Nishith

    Namaste Everyone!

    Namaste INForum Friends, Registered long ago but forgot to Introduce here, I am Nishith from India, still a student and domain enthusiast. Proud to be part of this Forum.
  18. Tiger

    "Heart of India" Finally Comes Home?

    Too many years too far from its roots, we trumpet India's Greatest Treasure... Hidden brilliance ... Overseas ownership should end NOW This domain can now link with any family or movement or industry group. Modest sale worth Global attention & Great Marketing Opportunity INSTANT Romance: Hear...
  19. M

    a package of 13 Indian domain names for sale for $ 300

    Hello! I am selling 12 Indian names for $ 300. Below is the list. Please contact me, if any interest. Warm regards and...
  20. anil kumar


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