Namaste Everyone!


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Namaste INForum Friends,

Registered long ago but forgot to Introduce here,

I am Nishith from India, still a student and domain enthusiast.

Proud to be part of this Forum.


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Hi Nishith
Welcome to the community. I started domaining when I was a student myself. And trust me, there is no better feeling than spending your own money while still in college.


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Welcome Nishith! Which of your domains is your favourite?

Thanks Sir.
Sorry for late reply. Bit Busy with Exams.

This line confused me - " Which of your domains is your favourite? "
You mean my favourite from my own portfolio?


Nishith, hello and welcome back to the forum. I am also a student and just joined the thread recently. I hope to have some great chats with you in the future.
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