1. A

    Short Domains - 3 & 5 Letters

    VHG .CO Registrar: Dynadot Expiration Date: 2020/06/02 Price: 500$ Most Recent 3 Letters .CO and Similar Sales: UPK .CO - 365$ - 2019/06/30 - Dynadot BNB .CO - 2274$ - 2019/06/29 - Sedo VHG .NET - 490$ - 2017/05/04 - Namejet CUXXX .COM Registrar: Namesilo Expiration Date: 2020/05/16 Price...
  2. C

    One of the most brandable domain names

    Hello, I would like to represent to you the domain name of ''. With this name, you can build a brand around any business that you decide to start. The domain is being sold on a very fair price, as it also has the bidding option in the GoDaddy Auction systems. Feel free to use...
  3. NickMack23

    Domain for sale! Suitable for technology, gaming, or anything space-themed! Message me if you are interested in making an offer. -Perfect brand name -Smooth, attractive, and easy-to-remember name -Ready to use -Logo available after purchase (optional)
  4. JulienJ

    Brandable domain name sales:,,

    It was another strong week for brandable domain name sales with five sales in the five-figure range. The top grossing sales was which sold on Mike Mann’s DomainMarket. Another noticeable sale was that of which sold to Singapore based ride-hailing giant Grab for $20,000...
  5. domainking131

    Brandable domain name sales:,,

  6. domainking131

    Brandable domain name sales:,,

    It was a bit of a mellow week for brandable sales compared to previous weeks as we only have two reported five-figure sales this week. The top sale goes to NameJet where sold to the highest bidder for a cool $12,750. Source
  7. franka

    DURELO.COM @brandbucket

  8. domainking131

    Behind the Brandable Keyword: Geek

    “An unfashionable or socially inept person” Yep, it’s an understatement to say that the official definition of the word “Geek” as you will find it in the dictionary is far from flattering. But thanks to the rising popularity of geek entrepreneurs (and tech billionaires) such as Bill Gates and...
  9. domainking131

    Brand names are important for startups

    This may seem like it should be obvious to people who operate startup businesses, but brand names are important. This is especially true for startups that are seeking outside funding to grow their business. Not only does this seem intuitive, but there is a study that shows the importance of...
  10. A

    Available.Flights Auction Running

    This is a highly brandade name that is really easy and short to memorize The purpose of this domain is to check all available flights form a destination to another by scanning all flights from all airlines and book the cheapest or any preferred one ... So it is a scanner of all flights This...
  11. A

    Hello I would like to have an appraisal for this high Brandable name that can be use by any TV Company any live Broadcast Online Show in INDIA it is short , catchy. Thanks a lot for your support
  12. A

    Selling BRANDABLE EASY IN domains BIN

    Hello I have highly brandable domain names and really short and easy to memorize They are catchy and simple Payment on Sedo or Uniregistry
  13. domainking131

    10 hot e-commerce companies with great domain names

    Although the Internet began to advance in popularity among the general public in 1994, it took another few years to develop the right security protocols (for example, HTTP) and DSL to create the right infrastructure for e-commerce and give birth to pioneers such as Amazon and eBay. Although the...
  14. V

    BAGWALE.COM for Sale 7K USD

    BAGWALE.COM Premium Quality brand-able Short easy to remember domain. Price : $ 7000 USD Grab it before anyone else does. * Offers Are welcome. But No Cheap Offers Please
  15. M

    NameJet No-Reserve Portfolio of Brandable and Keywords domains

    Hello all We have a portfolio of 1000+ brandable and keywords domains auctions at No-Reserve on Namejet Happy Bidding
  16. domainking131

    Brandable domain name sales:,,

    The wholesale value for brandable domain names continues to rise. There’s a whole bunch of names on this list that were picked up by investors which makes me wonder how much margin there’s left for a profitable flip when an end-user comes along. Domain Name Price Marketplace
  17. domainking131

    BrandBucket September sales data saw 48 different sellers

    BrandBucket sent out their newsletter and gave info on September sales. Our September sales remained strong with a slight uptick compared to August. We saw 48 different sellers make sales and, for 12 of our sellers, it was their first one! After removing sales above $10K, the average sales...
  18. domainking131

    The Extreme Power Of Generic Domain Names

    Domain names are vital to businesses, brands, marketing and so much more! One thing that so many companies fail to understand is the extreme power generic domain names hold. Brand Name VS Generic A companies brand name is a term that is taught (via marketing) and not always commonly known to...
  19. Sergiy

    Brandable domain name - just 500$

    CASTE.VIP 500 USD Registrar: GoDaddy Expiry Date: 2017-05-30 My portfolio:
  20. domainking131

    How can I sell my brandable names fast ?

    One of the most frequent questions domain investors ask is, “How can I sell my brandables fast ?” The honest answer ? You can’t. At least you can’t consistently at retail pricing. Most of domain discussion focuses on outlier sales, because there is no way to know the ins and outs of every...

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