The Extreme Power Of Generic Domain Names


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Domain names are vital to businesses, brands, marketing and so much more! One thing that so many companies fail to understand is the extreme power generic domain names hold.

Brand Name VS Generic

A companies brand name is a term that is taught (via marketing) and not always commonly known to individuals. A generic term is something that is already commonly known to somebody. For a real life example, Fandango is a brand that offers movie tickets.

  • Brand Name: Fandango
  • Generic Term: Movie Tickets
So why is a generic domain name like so important? So valuable?

People naturally go to a search engine and type “movie tickets” when they are interested in them. It’s a familiar term to them, easily remembered and relates to what they are looking for. The term “fandango” is not something naturally known/typed, unless the brand is known due to advertisement in some fashion.

Consider a common term, like Movie Tickets, as a domain name, as FREE ADVERTISING. Similar to word of mouth. It is also Fandangos job to get its website to rank well for terms relating to what the business offers. People naturally search for Movie Tickets, not always a brand name like Fandango. Search engines love generic, aged, .com domain names offering relevant content to them.

So what ranks #1 on Google for the search term movie tickets? Followed #2 by its matching Twitter account @movietickets. Keywords folks, that is how the internet is run. You search for the keywords Movie Tickets, a search engines job is to return relevant results to it. also back the #1 top tier ranking by doing an Adwords campaign. So hold the top 3 spots for a term that is searched millions of time per month!

This article is a great insight into brand name vs going for a generic name.

You may read it here
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