How can I sell my brandable names fast ?


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One of the most frequent questions domain investors ask is, “How can I sell my brandables fast ?”

The honest answer ? You can’t. At least you can’t consistently at retail pricing.

Most of domain discussion focuses on outlier sales, because there is no way to know the ins and outs of every portfolio. A lot of brandable domains have been held for years or the name has been dropped several times. So there is an element of luck, both good and bad. Good for the new registrant and bad for the several who dropped the domain.

So let’s look at some brandable names that did not sell fast or were dropped several times before eventually selling. I have seen some names drop 6 or 7 times. sold for $16,000, a great name IMO. Tech is a popular selling keyword, add in the alliteration with this one just makes it all the better. The seller was out of Korea, the domain was registered in 2005 by a registrant in Oregon. The name dropped twice before 2005. The Oregon registrant looks to have sold it a year later to the Korean company. The Korean company buys and sells domain names. Took 10 years to sell and this IMO is a better brandable than most listed on any brandable boutique. sold for 4,000 Euros, a play on note and a naming pattern that has seen an uptick on BrandBucket lately. There are many names getting approved that are repeating a letter in the middle or the end. I tend to get the ending better, a name like Fiverr makes more sense to me than Fiiver. The name has been registered since 2006 and dropped three times before. sold for $2,899 this was a buy it now listing. They probably left some money on the table as CSC handled the purchase for their client,OneTechnologies who actually uses a .net as the .com is developed and trademarked. The domain has been registered since 2002. sold in July of 2015 it was registered back in 2002, so it took 13 years for the right buyer to come along. was sold for $3,688, the domain was registered in 2005 after it dropped three times previously. sold for $3,500 in June of 2016 and was hand regged in 2015. It dropped three times previously.

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