1. domainking131

    Broker-less Trading Platform Brings Perpetual Liquidity, Smart Options to Bitcoin

    Broker-less trading markets for cryptos and other assets being launched on the Blockchain are emerging as a kinder, fairer and potentially more lucrative market for traders. Decentralized exchanges are not only eliminating broker fees but also solving the main challenge of cryptocurrency...
  2. domainking131

    Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Believes Bitcoin Unlikely to Succeed

    Ben Bernanke, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, made his views against Bitcoin clear at a conference organized by Ripple in Toronto. Undermining the Government not a Recipe For Success Echoing the views of J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, Bernanke feels that the decentralized nature of...
  3. domainking131

    Blockchain Technology Will Enable Accountability in Digital Advertising

    The irregularities in digital advertising have become a great concern, especially as every sector involved in the process is expressing one form of frustration or the other. Participants are frustrated Advertisers complain about not getting value for their money, since most of their ads do not...
  4. domainking131

    Understand Blockchain with Ken Hansen

    You might know Ken Hansen from the domain name industry, but he’s also very involved with spreading the gospel of blockchain. On today’s show, Ken explains blockchain in language that you can understand. He also discusses how blockchain technology might be applied to domain names. Also: lots of...
  5. Sarfraz S

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