Broker-less Trading Platform Brings Perpetual Liquidity, Smart Options to Bitcoin


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Broker-less trading markets for cryptos and other assets being launched on the Blockchain are emerging as a kinder, fairer and potentially more lucrative market for traders. Decentralized exchanges are not only eliminating broker fees but also solving the main challenge of cryptocurrency exchanges, a lack of liquidity. An alternative to crypto exchanges, prediction markets are like manna from heaven, with at least one Blockchain trading platform providing deep liquidity pools.

Which Blockchain trading platform model is best?
What all Blockchain trading platforms have in common is the elimination of the broker. Traditionally, trading has been a zero sum game. When brokers match orders, they take the other side of the trade. If the trader wins, the broker loses, and vice versa. This model gives brokers an incentive to manipulate fees and trading outcomes, and delay payments. In the foreign exchange markets, 60–70 percent of retail traders lose money, and up to 80 percent abandon FX trading within a year.

Eliminating the middleman reduces all forms of financial fraud, a multi-billion dollar problem in a range of trading verticals every year. Both Blockchain exchanges and peer-to-peer prediction markets are designed to disintermediate the broker. Oto Suvary, Director of R&D at Tokenised Trading Exchange), writes:

“Because we remove B-Book brokerages and replace them with immutable smart contracts, we are addressing a major need with our prediction market platform by preventing many forms of global financial fraud.”



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