1. Sarfraz S is available for sale. Make your offers via landing page
  2. Sarfraz S is available for sale. Make your offers via landing page
  3. Sarfraz S | and are available for sale. Make your offers via landing page
  4. CyberKing TM Lawsuit

    Given the recent sale of the .IN which is developed and operated by a Russian company this could get very interesting! Andrew specifically mentions .IN in his editorial views "Well, yes. You can say that about any .io (or .in) domain and any .info domain. You can also say that .net is only...
  5. Gaurav | Flippa Auction

    Auction URL - This is your chance to own one of the hottest domains in the blockchain world. We've seen blockchain related domains sell like hotcakes over the last couple of months. sold for $15,000 (Sedo, 2018-03-07)
  6. anquest

    The 1st ETHEREUM BlockChain Enabled TLD: .luxe (dotLUXE) @ $375 (~INR 25.9K) /DN/1st-2-Yrs. (ReqMin)

    .luxe (dotLUXE) @ $375 (~INR 25.9K) /DN/First-2-Years (Required Minimum) @ ( LUXE >> 'Lets U eXchange Easily' ) 'NO More Un-Intelligible, 40 Character Hashes' 'Just Easy-To-Remember / Memorize .luxe Words of Your Choice' In the 'Sunrise' Phase (Only Trademark Holders...
  7. Sarfraz S is available for sale. Make offers in landing page.
  8. S - Up for sale Expiry - 19-07-2019 Please pm me with your offer
  9. Sarfraz S is available for sale. Make offers in landing page.
  10. Domainyx Expires: December 2018 Minimum offer: $5000 You can make an offer or buy at auctions godaddy: You can learn more at Get to know our portfolio:
  11. Domainyx Make Offer Auction Godaddy:
  12. JulienJ

    Blockchain It! Companies Rename Themselves To Bump Up Share Price

    The craze continues as companies begin changing their name to include the word “Blockchain” and watch their share price soar. As The Verge reports, a spate of renaming shenanigans has seen Long Island Drinks Corp become Long Blockchain, immediately causing its stock to surge 200%. Likewise, a...
  13. owl - Hot Bitcoin Domain (Accept BTC, ETH, LTC) Asking price - $49,888 Will accept offers. Blockchain is the underlying tech behind Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are hot as hell right now. perfect for a tool, service, app, Blockchain explorer, etc. Great for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  14. domainking131

    PayPal Co-founder Says Blockchain Good, Bitcoin Not So Sure

    Following a number of his colleagues in the financial sphere, PayPal Co-founder Max Levchin has said that Blockchain technology is revolutionary, but he’s still not sold on Bitcoin. The wildly successful entrepreneur is open on the cryptocurrency but still unsure of its long-term stability...
  15. domainking131

    UBS Files Patent For Blockchain Validation

    In a recently released patent office filing, UBS, the 935 bln CHF Swiss banking giant, has sought approval for a Blockchain technology-based validation platform for users. The patent indicates that UBS is pursuing Blockchain technology as a solution for client IP and user validation. The filing...
  16. domainking131

    House of Lords Recommends Exploration of Blockchain Technology to the British Government

    Great Britain’s upper chamber of parliament, the House of Lords, has recommended the exploration of the possible various applications of Blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) across government services. The House added that the government should study the possibility of using the...
  17. domainking131

    Industry CEO Believes Bitcoin’s Anonymity Dooms It, Predicts Governments Will Ban

    In its short lifespan of 10 years, Bitcoin has seen many obituaries. The latest one is by SocGen CEO, Frederic Oudea, who feels that Bitcoin has no future because of its anonymity. Governments will clamp down Fredric Oudea believes that the future of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is dim...
  18. domainking131

    Future of Digital Currency May Not Involve Blockchains

    Although it may be hard to imagine, cryptocurrencies are far older than Blockchain technology. Most of us look at Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency, although it is only the first Blockchain-based currency. Cryptocurrencies like B-Money and BitGold existed prior to Bitcoin, however, these...
  19. domainking131

    Adding “Blockchain” to Name Causes Soaring Valuation, Reminiscent of Dot-Com Bubble

    At the peak of the tech bubble, adding an 'e-' prefix or '.com' suffix caused the valuations of companies to jump multifold. During this Bitcoin bull run, adding 'Blockchain' seems to have the same effect. On-line Plc or On-line Blockchain Plc? On-line Plc is a small, nondescript company in the...
  20. domainking131

    Blockchain And Tokenization Being Simplified For Mass Market

    There is no escaping the fact that the Blockchain is the next wave of revolutionary technology. From the fax machine to email to voice over IP, Blockchain is integrating every sector of the market. However, not everyone can access or utilize it. Companies such as Microsoft and IBM are delving...

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