The 1st ETHEREUM BlockChain Enabled TLD: .luxe (dotLUXE) @ $375 (~INR 25.9K) /DN/1st-2-Yrs. (ReqMin)

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    .luxe (dotLUXE) @ $375 (~INR 25.9K) /DN/First-2-Years (Required Minimum) @

    ( LUXE >> 'Lets U eXchange Easily' )

    'NO More Un-Intelligible, 40 Character Hashes'

    'Just Easy-To-Remember / Memorize .luxe Words of Your Choice'
    In the 'Sunrise' Phase (Only Trademark Holders with their TM(s) Entered into the Global, Centralized, TM DataBase ( ) may register .luxe domain names during this Phase)

    ------- >> Excerpts >>

    The first open, Top-Level Domain created to combine Ethereum BlockChain Innovation & Security with ease-of-use for today’s world – the .luxe standard that “lets you exchange easily” Smart Contracts, Crypto & Other BlockChained Products.

    .LUXE Launch Phases:

    'Sunrise' Phase | Thu, Aug 9Mon, Oct 8, 2018 @ $375 (Incl. $330 NON-Refundable Application Fee + 2-Year Registration @ $45 ( = $22.50/DN/Year x 2 Years) |
    (Valid SMD from the TMCH Required)

    'Limited Registration' Phase | Tue, Oct 9Thu, Oct 25 | Application Fee of $30 Incl. the Initial 2-Year Registration TERM | Limited to Existing .eth (dotETH) Domain Holders Who Have Secured Their .ETH Domain By/Before SEP 21, 2018.

    'Early Access' Phase | Tue, Oct 30Tue, Nov 6 / Price Depends on Day Relative to the Phase

    'General Availability' | Tue, Nov 6, 2018 | $22.50 (~INR 1,555) /DN/Year | "First come, first serve registration"

    How does a .LUXE name work?

    .luxe names run on the DNS like traditional domains for website, email, blog usage.

    The only difference…

    Users can also BlockChain Enable their .LUXE names & Associate Them to their Ethereum Based Products of Choice for Additional Convenience & Functionality.

    As a WALLET Address:

    (1) The Customer Registers their .LUXE domain name:

    For Example:

    (2) The Customer Securely Associates their Domain Name to their Existing 40 Character WALLET Address (0x466f6de23…)


    The Customer can now SEND & RECEIVE Tokens into their WALLET by Simply Using their >>

    >> Address

    As an Internet ADDRESS for their DE-Centralized APP:

    (1) The Customer Registers their .LUXE domain name

    For Example:

    (2) The Customer Associates the Existing 40 Character Hash of their DE-Centralized App 0x396bf12efd0a…


    The Customer now has an Easy, 'Human Readable' / Easily Memorizable Identifier:

    For their De-Centralized APP + That can Also Resolve through the DNS.

    In Fact, the Registrant can Associate their .luxe name to whatever they Want:

    SmartContracts / SecureServers / etc.


    See More:

    List of .LUXE Accredited Registrars:

    .luxe Registry Owner/Operator - MMX:

    About MMX:

    (Info/LOGOS/etc. © MMX (London Stock Exchange: MMX) via EnCirca Inc.)
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