Blockchain Technology Will Enable Accountability in Digital Advertising


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The irregularities in digital advertising have become a great concern, especially as every sector involved in the process is expressing one form of frustration or the other.

Participants are frustrated
Advertisers complain about not getting value for their money, since most of their ads do not reach their intended targets. Publishers complain of a revolt from their would-be audience who employ ad blocking software. Audiences complain of incessant intrusion and distraction from unsolicited advertisements. In short, there is palpable chaos in the entire digital advertising ecosystem.

The question of advertising effectiveness is critical to any business. The success, performance and profitability of many companies is directly dependant on it. This is laid out in PwC's Entertainment Media & Outlook 2017-2021, a comprehensive study containing forecasts for online and offline advertising markets for the stated period.

According to the report, the online advertising market will grow at a rate of 9.9 percent and will be worth $116 bln by 2021. This would make the digital advertising market more than 50 percent larger than TV advertising.



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