What's The Future For India?


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You need to register to read the article.... what did it say?

That's strange, I can still view the article...

The FT article stems from a 64-page report by the Centennial Group entitled India 2039: An affluent society in one generation.

The FT highlights some of the report's findings:

India must sustain growth at close to 10 per cent a year over a generation.

For this to be conceivable, at least four things would have to happen: the world must remain peaceful; the world economy must remain open; India must avoid the stagnation into which many middle-income countries have fallen; and, finally, the resource and environmental implications of its rise to affluence must be managed.

Moreover, India itself must overcome three big challenges: maintaining, indeed strengthening, social cohesion at a time of economic and social upheaval; creating a competitive and innovative economy; and playing a role in its region and the world commensurate with the country?s size and rising importance. In fundamental respects, India must turn itself into a different country.


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Appreciate the link to the report - it's very comprehensive! I'm not sure how realistic it is though - e.g. maintaining 10% economic growth for a generation is highly unlikely.

Ultimately, even if only 1/4 of India is affluent, that should be sufficient for Indian domains to do well. Everything else is icing on the cake!


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