UK Debate: Does The Future Belong to India?


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A very interesting debate is scheduled for May 12, 2009 at the Royal Geographical Society, London, UK.

Debate: The future belongs to India, not China

All bets are now on China as the nation that will soon rival the USA as the world's other superpower. But hasn't anyone been looking across the Himalayas? India, a democracy of over a billion people, has a rate of growth almost as impressive as China's, a burgeoning middle class, a highly skilled work force and an abundance of raw materials. More important still, it operates under the rule of law not the rule of the politburo. Could it be that India ends up the dominant power of the eastern hemisphere?

Currently, the online poll results indicate:

For the motion: 56.6%
Against the motion: 41.5%
Don't Know: 1.9%

Be sure to cast your vote! ;)

You can read more information at: Intelligence Squared - Current Events
I am impressed with the idea, yes India is coming up as a super power. India slow but static development is going to take this country to the top.It is so good good to see Asian countries doing so well.
Quite familiar with both countries and in my opinion it is definitely China at number one with India a reasonably close second.

Domainer downside- you can buy at lowish prices whereas which I think will lead the filed are $30 plus.
Final Results:

- China received 421 votes
- India received 261 votes
- 23 'don't-know' votes

The result of some hard-headed voting at the end of a lively debate on India and China at the Royal Geographical Society in London Tuesday baffled many - India started out marginal favourites, but then lost heavily.
The difference, it appears, lay in how the two countries went about preparing for the future - or indeed the debate itself.
Read more here.
Hard to predict the future, but even if it's only a close second to China it's still very good. The fact is that the trend is sharply up and "the trend is your friend."


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