Someone Caught Great Deal at Flippa; How Is This Domain Venue Performing for You?


Someone landed a fantastic deal on Flippa this weekend. Amazingly, I lost the auction despite my accidental astronomical one-too-many zero’s high-bid. I’m not going to mention what domain it was (to avoid any politics on the issue), [all luck to the winner who got a great deal] but the domain name was a single word .com highly-commercial term with an Estibot well over $200,000.00 and it sold for about 9 percent of that.

Not a .net domain selling for 9%, but a .com at 9% of the Estibot. Now I am aware that not everyone swears by Estibot values, but it is usually pretty good at valuing true generic single word .coms, and it isn’t usually that wide-off. At minimum, it’s always been a very good indicator of what’s highly desirable.

How my astronomical, ‘one zero too many’ high bid still missed it:

During the last hour of the auction, I placed what I thought was an unbeatable high-bid, (one zero too many, automatically out-bidding any competing bid). While I was searching around the site to see if there was a way to figure out for certain what my high bid was, and if I saw that correctly in that split-second, to make sure I knew how bad the damage would be if bidding remained strong, I then received an email that the auction had ended and the domain auction closed with a winner (not me); the domain was sold.

I was very surprised; I think the seller could have achieved more, especially since my super-seller bidding account kept placing bids automatically. So I reached out to him and asked and seller said it was just one of those quick decisions based on what he had been seeing and that you really never know with this stuff, wish is true. Wished him luck at recognized at least he was looking at money-in-the-bank.

Hopefully there are no back-room deals going on over there.

  • Has this happened to anyone else? Did an auction close while you were aggressively bidding and you thought you had it, in-the-bag, so to speak?
  • Have you ever encountered any shill bidding, funny business, going on there?
  • Any land-grabs miraculously disappear on you?
  • Problems with sellers, buyers, brokers, out of the norm worth mentioning?
  • Any ‘collusion’ with the ownerships’ other venues, if any?

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