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  4. Gaurav

    VRau/com | NO reserve auction

    Auction URL - https://flippa.com/9800176-vrau-com VR (Virtual Reality / Vacation Rental / Virtual Robot) followed by AU(Australia, Austria, Gold, Alternative universe, Audio etc) Only 1352 such names possible (VR+LL or LL+VR) This domain name: Is pronouncable Is brandable Is marketable Is...
  5. Gaurav

    RumBox.com | No Reserve | Ending today

    Auction URL - https://flippa.com/9696431-rumbox-com About The Domain: RumBox.com is extremely brandable .com domain, ideal for any start up business. Name is short & memorable. Name is well aged, registered since 2009. The development opportunities are endless! Develop this domain or simply...
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  7. Gaurav

    Monkeys.io | Single Word Top .io Name | No Reserve

    Auction URL - https://flippa.com/9655494-monkeys-io Excellent investment: Premium Domain For Sale MONKEYS.IO The term "monkeys" has 1.5 BILLION search results in Google. MONKEYS keyword is an perfect fit for an .io extension. Could be used to brand an Gaming app. Extremely brandable name...
  8. JulienJ

    Someone Caught Great Deal at Flippa; How Is This Domain Venue Performing for You?

    Someone landed a fantastic deal on Flippa this weekend. Amazingly, I lost the auction despite my accidental astronomical one-too-many zero’s high-bid. I’m not going to mention what domain it was (to avoid any politics on the issue), [all luck to the winner who got a great deal] but the domain...
  9. CyberKing

    NameRaja.com - Marketplace to flip Domains and Websites

    Just launched NameRaja.com and for the next 30 days inforum members can list your Domain Names and Websites for sale for FREE. Featured listings are only USD 10 for 6 months! PS- Please provide your issue feedback via PM (and praise in public and share )
  10. A

    Available.Flights AUCTION FLIPPA ENDING 2 DAYS LEFT !!!

    https://flippa.com/8822203-available-flights For further details check the link above
  11. IceCreamTruck

    Fitso.com 5L Brandable Flippa Auction

    Fitso.com Meets All The Characteristics of a Great Domain Short. Easy to remember. Passes radio test. Interested customers can find it. Easy to spell. Most popular .com extension. Very clear descriptive idea for fitness and health industry. Extremely brandable & creative. Doesn't contain...
  12. franka

    7676111.com ://flippa

    7676111.com https://flippa.com/8429758-7676111-com
  13. OrderDomains

    AppraisalGuy.com in Auction on Flippa. Also including AppraisalsGuy.com.

    Howdy y'all, You are bidding on AppraisalGuy.com , but here's the GREAT news: I hope you are sitting down, because I am also including AppraisalsGuy.com at NO additional cost. You heard me correctly. Once reserve price is met, you are getting BOTH domain names. :) You can access the auction...
  14. OrderDomains

    Auction over.

    Auction over.
  15. OrderDomains

    SalesGuy.com - short, sweet & the perfect marketable domain for your sales site.

    Howdy y'all, I have my domain name SalesGuy.com in auction on Flippa. To place a bid, please click here. This is one of the hottest marketable domain names you will ever find in the sales category. It's a broad term and not just limiting you to any one specific sales niche. All the...
  16. OrderDomains

    RelaxHigh.com - Great Catchy Domain Name for a Marijuana Site.

    Howdy y'all, I have my domain name RelaxHigh.com in auction on Flippa. To place a bid, please click here. Now that marijuana is legal for sale in several states in the USA, these specific niche domain names are skyrocketing in price. Here is the opportunity to bid on a rare and catchy...
  17. OrderDomains

    SupportAmericans.com - The domain name speaks for itself - Campaign time!

    Howdy y'all, I have my domain name SupportAmericans.com in auction on Flippa. To place a bid, please click here. Now is the perfect time to create a campaign with a domain name that speaks to everyone. Bid on a rare and incredible domain name before it's too late. Please click here to...
  18. domainking131

    How To Make A Sale Even If Your Auction Doesn’t Sell At Flippa

    "So this post is going to be brief but it is in regards to another cool feature that Flippa offers for their auctions. Let’s face it, sometimes when you put an auction up it doesn’t sell. This probably happens more often than not. At times, you may have lots of interested people and other...
  19. OrderDomains

    Subjectable.com StateSingles.com Pantsing.com Strippings.com XEKKO.com -Auctions -NO Reserve Prices

    Howdy y’all, I have the following domain names in auction on Flippa. There are NO reserve prices! You have the opportunity to win each auction for just $1. Let each auction speak for itself. :cool: Subjectable.com – Please click here. StateSingles.com – Please click here. Pantsing.com –...
  20. domainking131

    Flippa Bi-Monthly Domain Sales Report: LeMans .com $20,000, Klip .com $13,250

    There were quite a few LLLL.com domain name sales these 2 months, many .io domains and a few New gTLDs. Here are some of the domain sales from Flippa: Qto.com $23,508 LeMans.com $20,000 Klip.com $13,250 [Private] $10,000 eWebsite.com $9,000 BitFood.com $8,000 Money.io $7,300 P.et $6,500...

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