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Hi Flippers,

I have read many articles on the internet stating that the buying and selling/re-selling of the new gTLDs is on the rise. As per Verisign, 1,200 "new gTLDs" are already live in the root as of 2016, and there is a second round of new gTLD applications currently under discussion within the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN). The payment by Google to the tune of $25 million for exclusive rights to the ".app" top-level web domain definitely boosts the ego of "new TLDs"

In my opinion, the "new gTLDs" do have their pros that are summarized below:
  1. Very unique to remember
  2. Can be customised to suit one's target geography, industry, profession, brand, etc
  3. Saves the end users from domain squatters who sometimes charge a ridiculous amount of money for the domains they posses
However, I still think that ".com" domain names would any time reign over the "new gTLDs" and or at least, do so in the short to medium term.

Below is the summary of my research that seconds what I just said.

1. Awareness:
Even though the "new gTLDs" were introduced in 2012, their awareness among the netizens pales in comparison to that of .com.The legacy TLDs have an awareness of 98% among the netizens while ".com",".net",".org" enjoy a 94% awareness. The "new gTLDs" only have a 46% awareness.

2. Market Share: Even if we consider the latest reports on Domaining by Verisign, only 6.4% of the
339.8 Million domain name registrations at the end of the second quarter of 2018 were of "new gTLDs".

upload_2018-10-8_5-50-4.png picture courtesy: Verisign

3. Trust Issues: According to a report by ICANN, people trust ".com" extension more than the "new gTLDs".Less than half the people surveyed trusted "new gTLDs" while the ".com" and other legacy TLDs enjoy a trust factor of 90%.
So, it seems that before netizens open your website or click on the link that you posted in hopes of PPC dollars,
they might decide the website is not for them! All this whipping on your hopes can be just because you don't have a widely accepted extension.

4. Technical Issues: My research and conversation with my software cum web development savvy friends tell me that web development for a considerable period has relied upon TLDs which are very short i.e 2 to 3 letters long. Scripts that authenticate email addresses check them against some archaic rules in place. This makes the email addresses to "new gTLDs" very vulnerable to rejection from a large pool of businesses.

Hope this proves to be an informative and interesting read and finds a resonation with your portfolio of domain names. ;)

Let's be more interactive and it would be great if you can comment your affirming/contradictory views here.


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