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Hi guys,

Please read and contribute to this thread by your thoughts and feedbacks. I would really appreciate that.

In my domain flipping experience, I have made a stern practice to sell to mostly the "end users".

I follow these steps to accomplish my sales:

  1. I do research for potential trademark conflicts before sending emails
  2. I look out for similar domains and extensions.
  3. Followed by above, I conduct searches in SEs for affiliated/related websites.
  4. Then I aggregate a list of potential buyers and this list is based upon websites/WHOis contacts
  5. Then I set the name on the auction -no FSBO
  6. The above is followed by a personalized mail to each of the potential buyers dispensing out relevant information
  7. I make the mail enticing such that it sounds like a 'you miss it now, you miss it forever' kind of opportunity by setting the auction before I send emails.This helps me get a fair price.
I hope this is helpful to people.
IMO Try Marketplace

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They have a unique financing / rental option wherein you can list your domain for sale on monthly payment terms. This can increase the chances of selling your domain and also reduce the burden on the huyers who may be interested in the domain, but not able to pay in a lumpsum. You can use the monthly rental / lease option if you prefer not to sell the domain, but allow buyers to rent it and pay monthly.

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