Notable NameJet sales from December


Here are some domains that sold on NameJet last month that caught my eye. $52,000 – This will be a great brand for a company at some point and it will sell for a lot more. It’s a fair price for a competitive domain investor auction. $39,088 – I’m sure a lot of companies use a name with Creek in them. Not as strong as but still good. This domain was sold by Tucows. $22,088 – At first blush this domain seems limited to produce companies and industry groups that have horrible domain names. That’s a pretty long list, though. $21,100 – This 1995 expired domain has lots of potential buyers. Google it and you’ll see that both the U.S. and Australian governments have programs called Money Smart, as do many private companies. $13,555 – Wow, this was a true deletion from a domain Sony previously owned. $6,701 – Did the blockchain craze boost the price of this domain? A great domain for a blockchain-focused site. $4,999 – A solid one-worder with a positive connotation. $4,988 – This domain came from Tucows’ NetIdentity portfolio. The buyer is forwarding it to $3,499 – This will never be a company brand, but so many journalism and entertainment companies might want to buy this domain. $2,600 and $2,515 – These are notable for the top level domain and presumably traffic they get.



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