10 notable NameJet sales last month including PuffDaddy.com


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From a Spanish-language domain for $55,200 to PuffDaddy.com, here are ten notable domains that sold on NameJet last month.

Here are ten notable sales.

Inmuebles.com $55,200 – Inmuebles is “estate” in Spanish.

Spitfire.com $42,800 – A ton of companies use Spitfire in their names and this was once an active website.

GoGirl.com $22,322 – You go girl!

ModernLiving.com $7,900 – Common term for modern furniture, homes and more. I think the buyer will do well with this domain.

MedicalCoverage.com $5,200 – A lot of people in the U.S. are wondering where their medical coverage will come from next year.

Adjusters.com $5,005 – People don’t look for insurance adjusters (they are assigned by the insurance company) but this is a great name for a trade association or for an insurance adjuster training program.

DealSpot.com $4,201 – A wonderful brand name for a deals site. In fact, it used to be one.

Enon.com $3,433 – Did no one at NameJet, which is part owned by Enom, see this domain come up for sale? It’s now listed on BrandBucket with a $25,000 asking price. I guess eNom would have to be careful about bidding at NameJet.

Troller.com $3,045 – If I want to troll the buyer of this domain, I can just say the name sucks.

PuffDaddy.com $2,211 – It seems that rapper Puff Daddy (or someone associated with him) once owned this domain.



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