10 Notable NameJet sales from October


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Here are ten notable domain name sales on NameJet last month.

NameJet sold 112 domain names for $2,000 or more last month for a total of $738,000. As I do every month, I took a look at the list and pulled out ten sales worth noting.

MGlobal.com $24,099 – I need some help understanding this one. I see that several companies use the mGlobal name or have it in their domain name. But $24,099?

eShare.com $12,750 – This domain has some history. eShare was a tech company that used this domain over a decade ago.

DomainLookup.com $10,650 – Have you ever noticed how domain investors tend to be stingy when it comes to buying domains about domains? This price, on the other hand, is rather high. The domain investor that bought it is asking for $250,000.

Reps.com $8,095 – Many uses…sales reps, workout reps, political representatives.

HomeMonitoring.com $7,601 – Home security monitoring is a big business.

HybridVehicles.com $3,125 – This is an interesting one. Will hybrid vehicles one day just be ‘vehicles’? Will all-electric vehicles outpace them? These days it seems that most sites about hybrid and electric cars are going with a more general term.

egreeting.com $2,950 – Do you remember eGreetings.com?

Diplomacy.org $2,710 – Sometimes I wish our world leaders used diplomacy more often.

SafetyManagement.com $2,350 – Google this term and you’ll see a fairly large business segment.

Realtorwebsites.com $2,101 – A word of warning: Realtor is a trademark.



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