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Was looking over stats for the month of May for one of the Indian Monetization programs I am involved with, and came across the following:

Impressions: 3,471,552
Clicks: 1,013
Paid out $41.32

So for delivering almost 3.5 Million impressions, this particular network has paid out US $41.32.

According to my numbers, thats an effective eCPM of $0.01. Any suggestions as to how we can improve these numbers

I guess my question for you is - HOW EFFECTIVE IS YOUR MONETIZATION PROGRAM? and can you offer a better solution than my current network.

I've seen everything on the list. Would like to see some stats showing eCPM's.

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I'm not sure the topic of your website, but with almost 3 1/2 million monthly impressions, I'd think you could sell ads directly rather than use a third party program. That's a lot of traffic you've got.
Anybody has any expereince with Indian travel (hotels, tickets) site affiliates?

I recently signed up for Yatra - they just provide links and banners and expect traffic to be diverted to their site and pay only for conversions.

Makemytrip - similar story as Yatra.

Ixigo - says it will provide search box script to include on our website and pays for any click through to the service provider site...but affiliate support is bad. I signed up and many days, many emails later I still haven't heard from them.

I decided to use as hotel booking affiliate. They provide even white label search box, very responsive affiliate support, payout on clicks rather than conversions etc. They even said that their coverage of India is currently not extensive, and suggested I could use other affiliate programs. But I preferred their honesty and support over other Indian cos, so I used them.

Hope you might find this info useful.

Anything you wish to share.... prefer positive response which I can use.

Thanks. is a scam :mad:

they operates with several other names too , to scam people is another scam site from

any idea of what they've done in the past? your the first guy from whom I heard could you please shed some light on this..
they paid me after i called 60+ times :D

some time they will show their adsense in place of those ads which is idiotic and weird.

and i still not paid some money. need to waste another 50 phone calls :mad:
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some stupid reasons :D

first they told they sent payment when i called :rolleyes:

i asked how the heck they can send because i set moneybookers and he was telling he sent cheque

after 2-3 weeks with lot of calls that affiliate manager accepted they not sent due to accounting mistake and soon they will send. and they send the 80$ invoice which i took printout and resent them with INR calculations . after that they send me one cheque in INR and i said thank you very much with good bye :D still some of my sites using them which i need to find and remove those adcodes :D
Adsense is much better than any other online website monetization program.

I agree with your comment somewhat in regards to Adsense however the problem with them is they are too restrictive in the type of sites that are allowed. Once removed from the adsense network, its next to impossible to get a hold of someone at google - so I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket.

Recently signed up with the ShooGloo Network. They have clients such as,, Yahoo India, and other Indian Portals. Drawback is that all their advertisers are currently running CPA/CPL deals. There are currently no CPM or CPC programs through their network....

Will provide results on Shoogloo in a few weeks...

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