Nov 17, 2008
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    1. shdt
      holidayhomeindia.com, holiday-home.co.in, kumayun.com, durgapujo.com
    2. shdt
      Hi Abhishek,

      I have decided to squeeze down my web business and shift to my future plans and therefore I want to sell three / four fully built websites with one having a unique visitor of 8k per month, its a travel site. How can you help me achieving that? I am ready to pay proper brokerage.

    3. newyorkdude
      I have to do a lot more research and thinking to make sure my yrunvs.com plan has a chance of surviving. Right now I am juggling a lot of things in the air (US income taxes are due in a couple of days, for example). I want to make sure I can sell real goods, not cheap knockoffs. Once I settle down, you'll be the first to know.
    4. newyorkdude
      On a whim I just registered two domains at Mitsu: yrunvs.com and yrunvs.in. I'm sure your first reaction will be What? They are just letters. No, they are not just letters. They spell out the question: Why are you envious? I think they will make a wonderful site for sales of luxury goods. Can you give me an estimate of what you would charge for to develop a website to sell luxury goods at yrunvs.com and yrunvs.in? I have a host. Thanks.
    5. fourwings
      just analyze one of my best 3 char dating domain, Fey.co.in.

      It has very good search volume, short, sexy and memorable, i will be happy if my domain is directly purchased by an end user to do a nice business

    6. RetiredMember
      We never ask our customer to prefund the account ? can you show us the link where it is written ? We ask only our reseller to prefund the account and that too at start with INR 5000 because it shows that they are serious enough to do business.
    7. skyshipper
      hi abhishek,
      what is relevence of alexa rank,if a .com with alexa rank about 1.5million is available for registration with some daily visitors ,is it worth registering..
      kaustav here
    8. skyshipper
      hi abhishek,
      what do you think parrotfeed.com will do,is something like alberteinstein.com under any legal problem..kaustav
    9. avinashmkb
      Thanks for ur advice .. so i should look at .in and .com domains only !! Thanks Will keep in mind.

      whats ur opinion on ??

      20-20championsleague.in - $ xx

      20-20championsleague.com -




      t20championsleague.in -

      championsleaguet20.in -

      2020championsleague.co.in -

      20-20championsleague.co.in -

      championsleaguet20.co.in -

      t20championsleague.co.in -
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